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Halloween Sale Email Subject Lines Ideas for eCommerce


Halloween is one of the favorite holidays for Ecommerce stores.

An ideal opportunity for Ecommerce stores to dress up gore and blood and get more sales! It is estimated that consumers will spend $ 8.05 billion on Halloween, so don’t be late to join the party.

And here, we’ve selected some excellent subject lines for your Halloween marketing ideas to help you spice up. Check out these recommendations and start thinking about how you can transform your Halloween email campaign boo-tiful.

Why Are Subject Lines Important For Halloween Email Campaign?

Millions of emails are sent daily. For instance, the number of emails in your inbox shows how you’ll battle for your customers’ attention. So how can you make sure your emails are no longer in the crowd? This is where your email subject lines can be handy to capture the attention of your audience.

A good subject line offers various benefits:

  • It helps to bring awareness.
  • If your email contains an exciting subject line, it attracts the reader’s attention and improves the open rate of the Halloween campaign.
  • It provides insight into the email content.
  • A well-written subject line answers basic questions about email content quickly. And entice the reader to read the entire email.

However, many businesses pay little attention to the subject line, which is one of the biggest email marketing mistakes we do not want you to make.. This not only reduces the impact of your campaign results, but the poor subject line can also reduce your brand reputation for sending your emails to the spam bin. 

Remember, a good email marketing campaign starts with a subject line, and if you want your customers to pay attention, you can easily highlight your subject lines.

As the spooky Halloween season is ahead, make sure to trick and treat your customers. And this can be more true to the emails you sent. Make all your emails BOO-tiful with Halloween email templates to entice them to make decisions that lead to conversions.

If you want your Halloween email campaign to be successful and want your emails to get opened, pay attention to your email subject lines.

Fast Facts About Halloween Day

Halloween, a time for vampires to whirl, decorate the homes on Zombies, and keep chips and chocolates for trick or treaters. 

See some spooky facts about Halloween in this infographic.

halloween facts for marketer

Spooktacular Halloween Subject Line Ideas For Ecommerce Stores

1.BOO your subject lines with emojis

Your customer’s inboxes will be packed with emails during the Halloween season. Using emoji in the subject line is an important and influential way to encourage engagement and is more than enough to drive your customer to open your email. 

A report by Experian Marketing indicated that 56% of businesses who use emojis in email subject lines get more opens. Tactically, adding one emoji to the subject line can make your email look good, feel friendly, and contribute to improving your open email rate. 

Seasons and holidays email campaigns are perfect for adding emoji, but there are more than 2,000 well-known emojis are ranging from chicky and funny emotions to a registered trademark symbol of businesses.

But where should you place your emoji? 

Make sure you add emoji after the keyword in your subject line. Adding them before the keyword can make it difficult to read your subject line. And, don’t worry about the age of your audience; people of all ages are welcomed with little quirky subject lines.

Halloween comes once a year, so you have the opportunity to do anything with emojis and spell out a box. Still, wondering which emoji is right for you? Try A/B testing.

Look at these examples of Halloween subject lines:

  • Happy Halloween! No tricks, only treats. ????  – MishiBox
  • Happy Halloween! ????  – SwipeStox
  • Halloween Masks are Here! ???? Protect Your Ghoul Gang ???? — Shop Now! – Case-Mate
  • BOO ???? Mickey Mouse and Friends Scare Up Fun for a Glowing Disney Halloween – The Bradford Exchange 
  • Just for you! ???? Halloween Sale! 30% OFF storewide???? – Gorgeous Cosmetics

2.Trick or Treat your subject line

It’s mystifying how email marketers all of a sudden change into hackneyed every October.

When preparing for your Halloween email marketing, keep in mind that most email recipients open their email on the subject line alone. So, think how you can include funny words like “Halloween,” “spooky,” “scary,” and “ghosts and pumpkins emojis” this year in your subject line.

You can also trick and treat your customers using the subject of your email. Put something like “OPEN IF YOU WANT IT,” which will obviously entice the subscriber to open your email. Incorporate this strategy into your Halloween marketing campaign so your customers can open emails with curiosity.

You can be tricky with your subject line but use your pre-header to convey your recipients’ glimpse.

We have made a collection of 10 subject lines for Halloween themes to inspire you. You can use these Halloween-themed subject lines to scare your customers and “BOO-st” your open email rate.

  • Cadbury: 15% Off All Ghoulish Goodies
  • Pinterest: Monster mash potatoes, mummy dumplings, and more
  • Pandora: Halloween is Here
  • Google Play: Scary-good games from Google Play + latch onto Disclosure’s latest album for 99 cents.
  • Worldmarket.com: Screaming deals on Halloween snacks and decor + free shipping.
  • Grammarly: A Fun Halloween Quiz from Grammarly
  • Cosmopolitan.co.uk: Go bump (and grind) in the night this Halloween!
  • Domino’s Pizza: Get the party started with Domino’s
  • Waves: Halloween Sale at Waves
  • Canva: Get spooky with Canva this Halloween

Also, check out this Halloween email campaign:

3.Make your subject lines spooky

Since your customer receives hundreds of emails every day, you can leverage FOMO to grab your audience’s attention.

FOMO marketing is a message that creates inner fear of your audience’s failure to take action. But it is worth the effort to make one. Invesp infographic states that subject lines that express a sense of urgency and uniqueness can provide a high open rate of 22% overall.

To amplify FOMO in the subject line, simply select highlight your recipients’ goals, hopes or wishes. Show them clearly what they don’t have and how they can get it quickly by doing what you want.

Highlight the deals or what consumers miss when they don’t read (and then do) can do wonders, which is why words and phrases like “24 hours” and “last chance” can make them struck and change their minds.

Further, provide deadlines for signing up or redeeming promo codes gives your audience more motivation to do something instead of waiting until it’s too late.

You need to achieve two things to develop a great Halloween email marketing campaign:

  • Highlight great discounts on your subject line. The difference between a regular price and a Halloween sale price should be enough to persuade your clients to do something.
  • Put the clear time limit. Don’t leave the mistake of how long you will stay with your Halloween flash sale. Don’t just offer anything standard like ‘temporary flash sales,’ instead give a real-time outline (48 hours, etc.).

Make sure to implement your subject line with a Halloween-inspired discount code and even related offers.

Look at this spooky Halloween email campaign example,

4.Get creative with Happy Halloween subject lines

It is not a bad idea to congratulate your customers on Halloween. This could be one of the email subject lines where you can include in your plan to create a custom Halloween sales campaign.

Remember, exciting subject lines can help you capture your recipient’s attention and separate your product in their inbox from other marketing messages.

Every business can find its way to create exciting theme lines for Halloween email campaigns. All you need to do is understand your campaign’s goals and clients to create relevant subject lines.

5.Add Halloween To Your Seasonal branding 

add halloween to seasonal branding

Halloween is a great time to make your logo and email back to the fun and scary side. People tend to respond better to products that take them far from being too serious.

You can add blood and gore to your website and dress up your logos as it is Halloween. While you may not pinpoint all the holidays correctly, you can thoroughly plan great holiday activities like Halloween. Celebrate with your customers, and they will take your brand as reputable and enthralling.

Seasonal branding differentiates your business from others. Seasonal branding can add to the user experience. While you don’t want to focus solely on it, the emphasis on holidays or the seasonal branding periodically means that you may have gotten some traffic to search engines otherwise. So, don’t miss out on this spooky Halloween season to drive traffic to your website.

Don’t forget to retarget those who failed to take action. As it is Halloween season, you have ample time to get closer to your customers and drive better results. You can also segment your audience and set up personalized campaigns to attract your target audience.

Ultimately … Being real is very important. The success of all email marketing campaigns is meeting the requirements of the customers. Don’t do anything for the sake of the hype. It may work for a few seconds, but it will be even more challenging if you fail to meet your customers’ needs.

Start Creating Spooky Halloween Email Campaigns 

A successful Halloween email begins with a scary Halloween subject line. But before you do that, set up your free BayEngage account, and where, you will be able to create a very successful email campaign with a creative touch and automated flow for all kinds of items. 

 Make your Halloween email marketing campaign boo-tiful with BayEngage.

And, we hope that our tricks and treats have inspired you to spell for your Halloween email campaign. Keep it relevant and give your customers value to engage in your Halloween campaign.

Check out our Halloween campaign resources here:

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