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What are the best review
apps for Shopify?

TargetBay’s premium product BayReviews is one such platform for your Shopify store to collect user reviews to increase your store’s credibility.

Imagine this: you are planning to buy a handmade product from an online Shopify store. But, when you started looking for reviews to be sure of the product quality, you couldn’t find any substantiated customer notes. You were left in two minds and wished you had a chance to look at customer reviews to strengthen your notion.

The moral of the story is customer reviews can make or break your business.

Besides, to put that into perspective, Pew Research revealed that almost 82% of American adults read online reviews on your Shopify website before making a purchase. Now, the big question is: how do you get genuine product reviews on Shopify?

We know your pain of researching. That’s why we at TargetBay decided to help you choose the best review app for the Shopify store. So, let’s get started.

But, before we trudge that path, let’s quickly take a look at why you should use a Shopify review tool.

Why Should Your Online Store Use a Shopify Review Tool? 

As Shopify Ecommerce success rises, more and more customers rely on other customer reviews and ratings to make their purchase decision. Customer reviews play an essential role in establishing your business’s credibility among a barrage of fake information. It is also a powerful marketing tool to grab the customer’s attention and provide the confidence to make better purchasing decisions. 

However, are you going to sift through and manage your reviews manually? Looks impossible, right? More so, if you’re a small business. So, how do you streamline the process? Online tools like Shopify Product reviews app can come in handy at this point. 

These online tools offer some great solutions that would come in handy to track customer reviews and collect positive reviews to build trust. Online reviews apps also help you optimize SEO to drive more organic traffic to your Shopify online store. Although these tools involve investment, it’s all worth money to invest in the right and best tool. So, let’s explore the best review apps for Shopify!

Best Review Apps For Shopify

  1. Shopify Reviews App
  2. BayReviews
  3. GroWave
  4. YotPo
  5. Ferra.ai

1) Shopify Reviews App

Shopify itself provides this online tool to facilitate more reviews for your online store. After all, customer reviews are the core elements of marketing and increase your customer’s buying odds. The Shopify Reviews app is a comprehensive review app that covers all the aspects of reviews. From placing a review section on every product page to adding ratings to your Google search listings, you can do all of it with the Shopify Reviews App. 

Shopify Reviews App


  1. The app’s automatic design feature matches up with your store’s design to make your store look coherent and provide the best customer service. You can customize it the way you desire to align with your layouts, colors, and text. 
  2. You can also enable the app to do all the work; you can let it set up everything for you and deal with reviews more efficiently. From publishing, hiding, filtering to managing all reviews, you can do everything with this app. 

This app is relatively easy to use and works as a great starting point for all new Shopify owners. You can always start with this and then later move on to a review app with better features.

Price: Free.

Review score on Shopify: Not available yet

2) BayReviews

TargetBay’s premium product BayReviews is one such platform that uses your business’s user-generated content as customer endorsements so that it elevates the shopper’s trust quotient. TargetBay helps you collect more such user reviews and take advantage of them through smart distribution channels at crucial touchpoints. 

BayReviews App


  • Customer reviews heavily influence any purchase decisions, so use BayReviews to increase your customer’s trust and improve sales by displaying reviews for both the products and brands.
  • Easily convert your visitors into your customers with retargeting ads powered by reviews to make it better and useful. 
  • You can use BayReviews to flaunt your on-site reviews on Facebook to foster social proof for your online store and gain more customers.

Price: The paid plan can range from $99/month to $299/month, depending on your online business’s size.

Trial period: You can also access the free plan with limited features for a 14-day trial.

3) Growave

This all-in-one marketing platform is one of the few excellent Shopify review apps available that care about your users. It helps you grow your traffic, engages with your customers, and grow more like a business. You can also include wishlists, photo product reviews, and much more to elevate your customer’s experience. You can even start your loyalty programs to increase your customer engagement.

Growave reviews app


If you have a referral program in mind, this app is probably the best on the Shopify platform as it boosts traffic and offers rewards for every customer-generated content.

  • It is effortless to set up and configure the way you want your reviews to function.
  • You can also reduce your cart abandonment rate and send targeted emails to fulfill your sales goals.
  • This app review features import and display of your product reviews to elevate the trust quotient.
  • You can integrate Growave with Google Shopping to score rankings on Google search results. 
  • The Questions & Answers feature on this app helps your brand generate social proof, increase sales, and engage with your customers. 
Growave app

Price: The paid plan starts from $19/ month and goes up to $299/month.

Trial period: You can also access the free plan with limited features for a 14-day free trial for Starter and Growth plans during a 30-day trial for Enterprise plan.

Ratings: 4.9 out of 5 (1133 reviews)

4) Yotpo

The Yotpo is another Ecommerce tool that comes in handy to fulfill all your marketing goals. This app uses AI-based technology to let your online store collect reviews and any type of Q&A to leverage them across all other marketing channels, all this in one click. You can manage your customer feedback either by sending an automatic email request or collect it directly on-site. Yotpo also offers SMS marketing solutions that can again come in handy. Besides all the above features, the Yotpo app does all the work for you, like ratings, publishing reviews, photos, and Q&A’s from your customers. 

Yotpo reviews app


  • It adds reviews, ratings, product photos, and videos at crucial places all across your websites.
  • Showcase user-generated customer content on your online store. 
  • Get help in analyzing your results and make better decisions with the use of Yotpo’s analytics tools.

Price: Yotpo is available for $19/ month.

Trial period: You can access a free plan with limited features to check it out.

Rating: 4.7 out of 5 (2253 reviews)

5) Fera.ai 

This is another Best Shopify Reviews App to come to light in 2021, with over 10,000 Shopify store owners using it. You can incentivize your Shopify store by channeling all the user-generated content. This can be videos, photos, and text reviews that help customers make better decisions. You can incentivize it with the help of cashback, loyalty points, and discounts.

Fera.ai review app


    • You can customize the review photo gallery and give it an ‘out of the box’ look.
    • This app allows your customers to put up video and photo product reviews along with regular text reviews
  • With this app’s help, you can also showcase all types of reviews on your desktop and mobile devices.
  • Use these product reviews to enrich and Optimize your Shopify SEO such that they appear as rich snippets on Google search results.

Price: The paid plan starts at $9/month.

Trial period: Free trial: 14 days

Rating: 4.9 out of 5 (2718 reviews)

The Bottom Line

Well, now that you have come across all these apps, it’s time to choose the best Shopify product review app from it. Though choosing looks like a difficult job, we hope our recommendation would make it easier for you to choose. 

Besides, even when you aren’t so sure of which one to give a try, try to take advantage of the free trials to avoid any risk. Test it for a week and analyze it to make sure if the review app matches your needs. So what are you waiting for? Get it today and grow your business.

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