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TargetBay Whats new update: Walmart Review Syndication Partner

TargetBay x Walmart Partnership

TargetBay will help you collect and share reviews with the Walmart marketplace, making it easier to increase social proof and drive conversions across various sales channels. This will improve Walmart's product listing and build trust among potential buyers.

Getting Started

TargetBay x Walmart review syndication integration

Here's How TargetBay Can Assist You:

Walmart review syndication with TargetBay Migration

Free Migration

We will migrate each product review on your website to Walmart within 5 to 7 business days.

Walmart review syndication with TargetBay

Send Reviews to Walmart

Once reviews are moved to TargetBay, we will send them directly to Walmart.

Walmart review syndication with TargetBay review modoration

Reviews Moderated

TargetBay and Walmart moderate reviews to protect brand's reputation and customer trust.

Walmart review syndication with TargetBay also to Google

Send Reviews to Google

TargetBay will also share all your product reviews on Google's organic and Shopping listings through our partnership with Google.

How TargetBay Reviews Can Improve Your
Walmart Presence?