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TargetBay X Facebook

TargetBay X Facebook Ads Integration!

We're thrilled to announce our exciting partnership with Facebook Ads! This integration empowers you to effortlessly sync your TargetBay subscriber lists and segments directly to Facebook Ads.​

Here's How You Can Elevate Your Marketing Game

List & segamnts

Lists & Segments

Synchronize lists and segments with Facebook ads to form custom audiences for targeted advertising to your subscribers.
Potential customers

Find Potential

Include a look-a-like audience on Facebook ads who resemble your existing contacts. Convert intrigued prospects into brand advocates.


Reach the right audience with laser focus by displaying personalized ads to specific segments within your subscriber base.

Improved Conversion Rates

Since your ads are reaching a more qualified audience, they're more likely to resonate. This can lead to a better return on your ad spend.


Using TargetBay for Facebook ads can enhance brand visibility and awareness, enabling you to connect with potential customers.

Hassle-free setup and dedicated support

Dedicated support