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Seamlessly integrate BayRewards, the powerful loyalty program, with your BigCommerce store.
Reward customers, drive repeat business, and gain valuable insights

Exciting news! BayRewards is now available exclusively on BigCommerce after previously serving Shopify and WooCommerce users

Why BayRewards?

Loyalty program

Foster customer loyalty through personalized offers and exclusive rewards. Secure repeat business, build trust and boost sales with our tailored loyalty program.

Loyalty program

Reward program

Appreciate your customers by offering enticing rewards for participating in your loyalty program and encourage repeat purchases with exclusive discounts.

Referral program

Reward customers and their referrals with exclusive perks. Experience seamless growth as you acquire new customers through referrals.

VIP program

VIP program

BayRewards VIP feature lets you celebrate each customer milestone. Create tiers with cool perks and give early access to new products.

Tier gamification

Create engaging and effective loyalty programs that drive customer retention and increase revenue generation with tier-based rewards.