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Targetbay Reviews Policy

In order to maintain your account in good standing with Targetbay, you must be (1) actively and consistently collecting ratings and reviews and (2) be an active, paying member of Targetbay in good standing. Also, you understand that due to the nature of our service, additional search engines, social media sites, and other 3rd parties may syndicate and publicly display our client’s ratings and reviews. Please note that any efforts to artificially inflate or manipulate your ratings and reviews in an effort to have your reviews syndicated into Google or any other 3rd parties will be immediate grounds for account cancellation.


To become a “member” of the Site, you must be 18 years of age to enter into and form a legally binding contract. For purposes of this legal document a member is a client of our site or service. In addition, you must be in good standing and not an individual that has been previously barred from receiving TargetBay’s Services under the laws and statutes of the United States or other applicable jurisdiction.

Furthermore, the registering party hereby acknowledges, understands and agrees to:

  1. Furnish factual, correct, current and complete information with regards to yourself as may be requested by the data registration process
  2. Maintain and promptly update your registration and profile information in an effort to maintain accuracy and completeness at all times.
  3. Not use Targetbay in any way whatsoever that engages in any fabrication of reviews

If anyone knowingly provides any information of a false, untrue, inaccurate or incomplete nature, TargetBay will have sufficient grounds and rights to suspend or terminate the member in violation of this aspect of the Agreement, and as such refuse any and all current or future use of TargetBay Services, or any portion thereof.

Reviews and user genrated content are a fundamental component of Targetbay’s services and any violation of the trust they generate will not be tolerated.  We randomly monitor reviews and our client managers are trained to recognize fabricated reviews and will report them to our compliance and quality assurance team.  Any such suspicious reviews will be permanently deleted, and if it is determined that the member had any involvement, their account will be suspended. In addition said member will lose the right to export their reviews once their account is terminated.