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How To Reply To A Review

  1. On the left menu, you need to click on Reviews & QA.
  2. Then click on Manage to find a list of reviews.
  3. Choose the review you want to comment on and use the comment box below the review to reply to the customer reviews.

    Note: To build good customer relationship, it’s advisable to reach out to customers who give positive as well as negative feedback.

    Replying to positive feedback with a ‘thank you note’ and responding to negative feedback with explanation and resolution to their problem show your other potential customers that you care about them and take responsibility for your product and service. This makes negative feedback an asset for your business.

  4. Post Your Comment: Use this button for reviews that are already approved and displayed on the website. It will simply add the comment to the particular review.
  5. Post & Approve: This button is used for reviews that are yet to be approved. It approves the review as well as posts the comment simultaneously.
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