How To Add A New Coupon Code In TargetBay Platform

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How To Add A New Coupon Code In TargetBay Platform

  1. Login to TargetBay dashboard
  2. Navigate to Settings > Coupon Manager
  3. Click on ‘Add New

    Then, enter the following information:

    How To Add New Coupon Code

  4. Coupon Title: Choose a name that relates to a particular campaign to track your sale effortlessly
  5. Status: Set it to Active (To start using the coupon for your campaigns)
  6. Notify for coupon Refill: Set the %, after which our system will send you an automatic alert when your coupon codes are running out (Note: This applies only to Dynamic coupon code)
  7. Generate coupon codes in the Magento back-end. Learn how to generate coupons in Magento here
  8. Coupon type:
    • Static coupon code: The same coupon code is sent out to multiple users
    • Dynamic coupon code: Set different coupon code for different users. The codes should be uploaded in a CSV format.
    • Coupon Expiration: Set expiration date for the coupon code
    • Click Save
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