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Perfect Springbot Alternative

Switch to TargetBay and boost your email & SMS marketing ROI. Recover lost shoppers, increase ratings & reviews, and run successful retargeting ads - all for a price less than what you are paying for Springbot.

Connect Your Store

TargetBay Migration: Save $3,540 with free migration

We’ll make the move from Springbot to BayEngage as seamless as possible so that you’re equipped right from day one! Plus, the entire migration process is on the house 😄 (no charges whatsoever). Sit back and relax while we take care of the migration.

Installation and setup ($475 Value)

We will install the TargetBay app and set up the account for you. We’ll import products, orders, contacts and do the website integration & account setup.

Email template migration ($900 Value)

We will migrate all your email templates to TargetBay. Our migration specialists will ensure that the email templates are on-brand.

Automation set up ($700 Value)

Our team will set up your automation flows (abandoned cart, welcome flows, & more), and your emails will be uninterrupted during the transition.

List migration ($250 Value)

Our migration specialists will import all your lists and segments onto TargetBay so that your contacts are intact & ready for outreach.

Segmentation set up ($540 Value)

Got multiple segments? No problem! Our team will set up your segments and ensure that your emails are targeted from day one.

Pop-up set up ($675 Value)

We’ll work with you to ensure that your pop-ups are migrated to TargetBay and are on-brand. You can also create new pop-ups with TargetBay.

Why Is TargetBay The Perfect Springbot Alternative?

TargetBay is an all in one eCommerce customer engagement platform with SMS, reviews, and email in one product. Whereas, Springbot is not as holistic and is more expensive than TargetBay.

TargetBay Vs Springbot

Pricing Starts At
$ 99 / month
$ 199 / month
Photo Reviews & Customer Reviews
Product Reviews
Questions & Answers
Review Coupons
Inbox Placement
Message Pop-ups
Timer based Pop-ups
Back In Stock Emails
Product Recommendation
In-built stock asset library (Millions)
300+ Free Email Templates
20+ Signup forms templates
15+ SMS templates

Make The Switch Seamless

Your data on Springbot can be migrated safely and securely to TargetBay. Our team will ensure seamless migration of your entire data to TargetBay so that you can get up and running within minutes!

Best Springbot Alternatives & Competitors – TargetBay Makes
Data Driven Marketing Easy

Accurate Segmentation

Create segments based on customer preference and demographics to send personalized mailers to the right customer

Automated Triggers

Create various triggers across the website to take timely action to intervene customers and make them transact.

Customized DIY Mailers

TargetBay drag and drop email template builder helps you build personalized emails instantly within minutes.

Pre-Built Templates

We have populated mailer templates for abandonment cart, win back emails, welcome emails, etc.

Intelligent Data

Our dashboard showcases the necessary analytics and data to monitor your email campaign metrics and success

Tailor-Made Offers

Provide personalized incentives through coupon codes to intervene customers to convert based on the mailers.

Springbot Alternatives & Competitors? See What TargetBay Customers Are Saying

Innovative Ecommerce Stores and Brands Trust TargetBay

TargetBay features are helping online stores improve their overall revenue by stopping shopping cart abandonment with personalized, increasing organic traffic by improving user generated content on the website and improving product discovery with personalized product recommendation.


TargetBay can integrate easily with these platform to access data needed to drive your eCommerce store effortlessly. If your online store is in any one of these platforms, you can easily install it without any developer support to start accessing TargetBay.

Frequently Asked Questions

We focus on micro, small and medium-sized businesses. We also work with companies that have email list sizes from 5000 subscribers to 1.7 million subscribers.

TargetBay has a simple and affordable pricing model. We only charge for active subscribers, not inactive ones. We have 10x subscribers as the monthly sending limit. This is only to avoid abuses and unfair usage. TargetBay will increase your monthly sending limits if you follow good sending practices and get fewer complaints.

1,000 subscribers – $10/month
10,000 subscribers – $100/month
50,000 subscribers – $500/month
80,000 subscribers – $700/month
100,000 subscribers – $850/month
150,000 subscribers – $1,300/month
200,000 subscribers – $1,600/month

TargetBay offers accurate analytics on the number of opens, clicks, unsubscribes, ordered items, and bounces (hard, soft, email invalid, temporary hold).

TargetBay has integration with multiple platforms, including WordPress. And, using TargetBay, you can capture new subscribers from all of our integrated platforms, including WordPress.

Yes, we have an open API and Zapier integration.

Yes, of course. If you have a very large email list, the TargetBay team will set up a dedicated IP address and two dedicated sending addresses to your business.

In addition to that, TargetBay has a solid email deliverability team that proactively monitors inbox placement and helps improve your sender’s reputation.

It doesn’t stop with that, and we also help you migrate your email templates, subscribers lists, sign-ups, and automated emails from your current ESP to TargetBay.

Currently we support Magento, Shopify, WordPress, Big Commerce and other custom eCommerce platforms. We will soon be adding other platforms to connect better with all eCommerce stores.

You can reach out to us by mailing to contactus@targetbay.com . One of our team member will reach out to you in 24 hours to help you understand if TargetBay is your best fit.

With TargetBay email personalization, you can send cart abandonment emails, welcome emails, win back emails, back in stock emails and other personalized emails needed to build a strong relationship with customers.

Nope! On-boarding is completely free for TargetBay. We will also initially provide free support for the first 3 days to help you understand the product and its features better.

Nope! You need to make up-front payments every month and enjoy accessing TargetBay. For any reason you feel TargetBay is not your best fit, you will be able to walk out anytime.

Trusted by 4,240+ Businesses Worldwide

The Right Springbot Alternatives & Competitors – TargetBay
Won’t Lock You In An Annual Contract

We understand that running an online store is a tough job and we don’t wish to lock our users in annual contract.
Feel free to use our tool as and when you wish to make use of our features for you maximum benefit.

Think again. Is Springbot right for you?

Hey! Do you see how easier your life would be if you had better customer support, free migration assistance, and over 99% email deliverability? Switch to TargetBay and get up and running in 3 working days – we take care of the entire migration process for you.