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Improve the lifetime value of your customers with the outstanding retaining techniques of BayEngage!

Whenever a customer's subscription expires, don't let them go. With BayEngage, nudge them by re-subscribing to their previous subscription, promote new products, product upsells & cross-sells, and tempt them with tailored offers.

Notify customers before the subscription expires

The best way to retain customers is to reach out to them with personalized coupon codes using BayEngage’s emails and SMSes before their subscriptions expire.

Send personalized emails

Upsell and cross-sell products at the right time

Encourage your customers to buy the higher version of products or related products with customized discounts and increase order value.

Increase order value

Nudge customers with renewal text messages

With BayEngage, send automatic product renewal messages to your valuable customers before their product subscription expires.

Send auto-renewal SMS

Set powerful Email & SMS campaigns with BayEngage

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What emails to send when a product subscription expires or about to expire

Don’t let your customers go!


Yes, BayEngage offers a 14-day free trial, after which you can use the platform for free.

You can increase your subscription revenue with the Recharge & BayEngage integration by making use of our segmentation and automation features. It makes it easy for you to engage and nudge your customers when a new subscription is added, canceled, expired when a payment fails, and more.

You can automate your subscription anniversary emails, product feedback emails, subscription renewal emails, and more on BayEngage.

Recharge is connected with BayEngage through APIs, so whenever a product subscription expires through Recharge, the data will be synced into BayEnagage seamlessly.

The setup process is quite simple. It takes a few steps to integrate your Recharge account with BayEngage. The BayEngage onboarding team will help you with the entire setup process.

Retain your customers
before their subscription ends!