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Resolve Your Customers' Payment
Issues With BayEngage

Worried about payment failure? Start enhancing your business while we solve your payment
related problems and bring in recurring revenue.

Enable Payment Retries Through Emails & SMSes

Why just use emails to get in touch? Leverage the power of SMSes to make payment retries successful. This way you can nudge your customers regarding upcoming payments, failed payments and make them take instant action.

Recover failed payments at ease

Remind, Recover, Repeat

BayEngage has multiple trigger email/SMS templates that can be automated and sent to your customers when their payment fails. A quick action URL is sent to your customers to take action immediately. After multiple attempts to retrieve failed payments, you can also nudge them with coupons too.

Enable hassle-free payment retries

Personalization Made Effortless

Personalized emails have six times higher transaction rate. And when you’re trying to recover your lost revenue, a personalized message can help you to send payment retries emails with variables/tags like

Stop passive churn

One Click,
Quick Action URLs

If a customers’ card details need to be updated, reduce the friction by sending an automated SMS or Email that skips ahead and directly takes them to the payment or card update page. Make it a “one-click action”, no hassle whatsoever!

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Turn Around Cancellations Into Pauses or Delays

Payment failure is often seen as a herculean task for the customer (unless you make it easier) and might result in passive churn. Encourage your customers to go from canceling to pause the subscription while they sort out the payment issues

Don't lose customers to failed payments


BayEngage helps in automating the process of notifying your customers regarding failed payments, and making it easy to update the card details with one-click (quick action URL)

Integrating BayEngage with Recharge takes a few simple steps. The BayEngage onboarding team will help you with the entire setup process.

BayEngage has a pre-built recipe to retrieve failed payments. You can simply customize the workflow with the Email, SMS, and other elements with a simple drag and drop. Your emails will be automatically sent when the payment failure event occurs (after multiple retries)

BayEngage offers a 14-day free trial after which you can continue to use the platform for free – Up to 250 subscribers and 500 emails.

Yes, our technical experts will hold your hand and guide you through the setup process.

Eliminate Passive Churn.
Recover Failed Payments At Ease