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Instagram Feed For Shopify

Aggregate all of your brands' user-generated content into a single, beautiful gallery on your Shopify store.

Integrate UGC Across The Shopping Journey: Discover The Power Of Customer Stories

Seamlessly Collect User-Generated Photos

Automatically collect user-generated photos from your customers and display them as an intriguing photo gallery. Consumers find UGC 9.8x more impactful than influencer content when making a purchasing decision.

Manage Content And Make It Shoppable

Approve gathered user-generated content and automate media rights requests with just one click. Synchronize your product feed with our dashboard and easily make curated content shoppable on your website.

Improve Your Shopify Sales

Want to skyrocket your Shopify store conversions? BayPics enables Shopify stores to integrate UGC onto their product pages, increasing their eCommerce sales substantially. In fact, the conversion rate for shoppers who interact with UGC is 90% higher.

Keep Distractions To Minimum

The beauty of user-generated content is in its authenticity. It’s not scripted or elaborately staged, and that’s exactly why shoppers love it. Curation allows you to keep the focus on what’s important about the product and filters out content that distracts.

Forge Authority And Credibility

Curating UGC is a way to demonstrate your expertise. You bring to surface only the best and most relevant content. It gives you a chance to build authority and deliver a truly valuable shopping experience to the visitors.