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Report And Analytics

Are you getting the most you can out of your Instagram curation efforts? Publishing customer stories to your Ecommerce store isn’t the end of the story. Get on a path to finding ROI for your content marketing efforts: Measure the outcome and streamline your UGC strategy for better conversions.

Make The Most Of Your User-Generated Images

Create A Data-Driven Content Strategy

Data enables retailers to comprehend customers’ tendencies and action patterns. BayPics offers a report and analytics feature that allows its users to make sense of the data they gathered and convert it into actionable insights. A data-driven content marketing strategy is more efficient as it saves time, and effort by delivering the right content to the right audience at the right time.

Measure Views, Interactions, And Conversions

Measure the ROI of your user-generated content in terms of views, engagement, and conversion. Keep track of how users engage with each user-generated image, and which all pictures perform well with respect to conversions —through BayPics’ powerful reports and analytics feature.

Generate Detailed Reports And Understand User Sentiments

Generate in-depth reports on how your website visitors interact with the user-generated pictures. Besides, you can choose from a range of formats like CSV, TSV, etc, when you export the analytics reports.