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Ecommerce Photo Reviews

“A picture is worth a 1000 words.” Enjoy the advantage of Visual User Generated Content

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Visual User Generated Photos help in strengthening textual reviews. They give shoppers a chance to see the product in real environments and strongly convey authenticity.

Boost your visual marketing strategy and attract more customers with customer review photos.

The value of consumer generated visual content is growing swiftly. Seeing a photo of fellow customers using or wearing a product provides effective visual representation allowing people to see the product at work and understand how the item actually looks. This visual connection is important for shoppers to decide if a product will fit their own requirements.

Studies show that people are more willing to buy products that carry customer images.

The other benefit of showcasing user generated product photos is that it makes users feel important and recognized. This improves brand loyalty and customer advocacy.

Small and medium-sized businesses who do not have the resources to create as much content as the bigger players, can now leverage unique, Visual User Generated Content created by their customers. Product photos shared by users are highly trusted endorsements that are more powerful than branded content.

Visual User Generated Content helps businesses conserve marketing efforts and costs

While branded advertisements can appear salesy, peer-to-peer advocacy through textual and photo reviews increase the appeal of products, converting more visitors into customers.

On the website

Customers can log into the website, navigate to the product page and record their feedback

Second-stage of in-mail reviews

TargetBay provides your customers the comfort of writing and submitting reviews inside the email itself. Once they click on Submit, users are prompted to share product photos in the next stage.

Instagram curation

TargetBay curates and feeds Instagram posts to your website. Instagram helps you understand your audience demographic much better. Click here to learn more.

Facebook push

You can push the visual UGC on your website to your Facebook business page and vice-versa. Facebook has the highest numbers of users among all social media platforms. TargetBay helps you make the most of it. Start reaping significant benefits by integrating photo reviews into your visual content strategy with TargetBay.