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Order Comments

Experience 11 X increase in positive reviews for Ecommerce orders with TargetBay’s simple yet strategic feature.

An easy way to create an exceptional online user experience is to ensure an uninterrupted journey to the end. Ecommerce shopping decisions are volatile and any distraction or interruption can lead to frustration and eventual loss of customers and revenue. Consequently, collecting high-quality user-generated content is a challenge for most online stores. So how can constructive user feedback be collected?

TargetBay’s Order Comments is a review pop-up feature that engages with customers at a strategic touchpoint.

Once the order is placed, the user is happy and on a retail high. When prompted after the Ecommerce order is complete, users are more willing to share their feedback. Not only is there a strong possibility of collecting more user-generated content but also getting positive reviews.

TargetBay’s Smart Review Pop-Up Appears After The User Completes A Transaction, Without Impeding His/ Her Experience.

Automated review request emails after shipment can be completely customized for more personalized communication. Every section of the email can be edited and customized to fit your requirements. Whenever an order is placed, an email is triggered to the customer requesting them to review the products they’ve bought. Reach out to maximum number of shoppers and increase the number of reviews collected.


Strategic timing and placement of review pop-up

The order comments review collection pop-up appears only after the retail order is complete


Uninterrupted customer journey

The strategic timing ensures a seamless customer journey.

Increased user engagement

An uninterrupted customer journey creates more happy customers who are enthusiastic to share feedback


Increase in positive reviews

Happy customers are inclined to share positive reviews

Supported Ecommerce Platforms

You can integrate TargetBay Q&A with your online store on any of these platforms: