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Facebook Reviews Tab

TargetBay’s plugin for Facebook reviews makes it simple to collect product as well as brand reviews on the social media platform and import them to your website.

With command over half of the world’s social media market share, Facebook is undoubtedly the most influential marketing channel for Ecommerce businesses. According to a research conducted by Statista, at least 50% of Facebook’s revenue comes through advertisements in the U.S. alone, followed closely by Europe. This demonstrates the platform’s unmatched potential in reaching out to the maximum number of people and its crucial role in helping brands thrive.

Make The Most Of Your Facebook Promotions With Targetbay’s Facebook Reviews Plugin

When a user reviews a product on Facebook, every person in his/ her network becomes aware of the brand. This organic advertising increases the reputation of the Ecommerce business, creates more customers, and drives sales.

Facebook reviews foster trust in the brand, leading to an increase in ARPU (Average Revenue Per User).

Here is a summary of the benefits:

  1. Easily collect product as well as brand reviews from customers
  2. Improve product visibility
  3. Embed Facebook Reviews in your blog or website. This acts as social proof for potential customers
  4. Customers who’ve purchased your product in physical stores or through other online retail stores can also write reviews
  5. Connects your brand to billions of users and creates massive audience engagement via tags, shares, likes, and comments
  6. Increase in unique user-generated content
    Better brand credibility

By connecting TargetBay Reviews to your Facebook business page, your customers can easily rate, review, and add photos of products that you can later import to and showcase on your website.

Increase Brand Visibility And Improve Audience Interaction