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Customer Q&A

Customers want to know all there is about a product before buying. Empower them to make purchase decisions by answering all their questions. Engage in conversations that will urge them to buy.

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Consumers are spoilt for choice in the current times. Wonderful as this is, more often than not shoppers are overwhelmed by the plethora of products and end up with more questions than answers, resulting in frustration, confusion, or poor purchase decisions. This lack of clarity impedes the shopping journey and undermines good customer experience. Brick and mortar establishments can address any apprehensions or queries on the spot and face-to-face but what about online stores?

TargetBay has replicated this opportunity for Ecommerce retailers through the Product Q&A section.

What’s in it for your customers?

Customers are important for your business, which makes them important to us. Every TargetBay product is created with the goal to enrich the experience of online shoppers.

Clarity before buying

Sometimes, product descriptions do not carry all the information customers are looking for. The Q&A functionality encourages shoppers to get answers to additional questions they might have, convincing them to purchase.

They feel valued

By answering customers’ questions, product experts or brand evangelists can engage in meaningful conversations and provide solutions to problems. Q&A is a brand’s way of showing that they care.

Doubles as product recommendation for shoppers

A good product Q&A section acts as a platform for customer recommendations. When visitors to your online store see efficient answers to users’ questions they are more likely to trust the brand. Over a period of time, Q&A will drive sales for Ecommerce stores.

Improved brand connections

As more customers begin to ask questions, the interest in product builds, eventually improving brand awareness. Rich customer-generated content is an indication of raising brand awareness and interest. The more the number of questions users ask, the higher the purchase intent and conversion potential.

What's in it for you?

The User Generated Content in Q&A drives more sales to your online store

Additional Benefits:

  • Tracking the pattern of questions helps brands identify pain points and make necessary corrections such as improving product descriptions, creating relevant content for reference such as blogs, FAQs, etc.
  • A Deep knowledge base enriches customer experience and results in faster purchase decisions
  • Meaningful conversations with consumers increase faith in the brand

Supported Ecommerce Platforms

You can integrate TargetBay Q&A with your online store on any of these platforms:

TargetBay Magento Integration
TargetBay Shopify Integration
TargetBay Big Commerce Integration
TargetBay Woo Commerce Integration
TargetBay Woo Commerce Integration