Instagram and Your Ecommerce Store

Retailers and Brands can leverage Instagram to increase store conversions

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According to the Wordstream article, sixty percent of adults who are online have an Instagram account. Instagram is especially popular among the millennials. Your customers might be tagging your Instagram business account while uploading a picture with your company’s product. You can tap into these customer pictures after getting necessary permission from them to use it on your website. When you display pictures where customers are using your product, it helps to increase your ecommerce conversion rate.

Why is Instagram photo trusted more by your customers?

Shopify Icon centric platform. Ecommerce sites depend on good photos to get sales. When it is coming from real customers, it builds a lot of trust. Brand and promote your products through your customers.

Helps you to get customer insights:

Negatives: Customer complaints are also going to come which help you to improve your product quality and your services.

What are the advantages of posting Instagram photos in your website?

  • Instagram photos are professionally cropped as square. So, it’s easy to use them in your site. Instagram editing tools and color patterns are so good and helps you to get high quality images.
  • Customers wear your photos, come up with interesting usage and define your brand culture.
  • Search #tag company name - own photo and tagged photos: Mostly, tagged photos are higher.
  • Comments are also added which provide more insights.
  • Customers whose photos are published - they visit the store frequently and they also share the link to other friends to see their photos in an ecommerce site.
  • Recognize loyal customers who post your product photos in Instagram and list their photos on your site. This will increase loyalty.

Connect your Instagram account

Connect your Instagram business account to TargetBay and bring in the pictures from your Instagram account into TargetBay.


Rights Management

You can request permission from users to use the pictures on your website within TargetBay platform.


Tagging the Pictures

When a user provides permission to use his picture, you can tag that picture with a specific product. After this, the tagged picture will be displayed on the product page.

Supported Ecommerce Platforms

We support Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce and WooCommerce platforms.

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Dan Goldfarb
Dan Goldfarb

- CEO, CannaPet

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