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Why BayEngage?

Ecommerce stores look to automate their email marketing campaigns. Explore BayEngage - built for Magento email campaigns. It’s easy to engage with your shoppers and automate your email marketing with 12 different types of emails.

Make the best first impression with your customers from your welcome emails. Organize your best sellers to top discounted products. A simple, but a well- executed email to make your email marketing more effective for your Magento store.

Create and edit your Magento email templates with BayEngage. Our email templates are also mobile-optimized that provide more relevant and engaging brand experience to customers. Make your welcome emails stand out, get both HTML code plus the design for free!

Branding is critical for any online store. You will be able to increase your brand presence using BayEngage’s welcome email templates. Use GIFs, carousels or even videos to make your email stand out!

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