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BayMail Makes Your Abandoned Cart Emails Much More Effective!
A Simple Yet Effective Tactic That Works

Saving Your Shoppers’ Cart And Sending The Preserved Cart To Them With A Link Is The Easiest Way To Get Those Customers Back.

About 50% Of All Abandoned Cart Emails Are Opened

Over One-Third Of Clicks Lead To Purchases Back On Site

Things to Consider Before You Send Your Abandoned Cart Emails

Your Website’s Navigation Is Not So Easy

Cart Checkout Process Is Too Complicated

Website Time Out Issues

Overcome Your Abandoned Cart Challenges With Baymail

Be Wise and Choose BayMail

According to the latest study, the global abandoned cart rate is about 69%. This means that out of 100 online shoppers, 69 of them walk away without purchasing or taking any further action on your website. That implies that your sales numbers may only be one-third of what they could potentially be.


Delightful Email Campaigns And Newsletters

Send beautiful email campaigns and newsletters this new year. BayMail is user-friendly and can add a lot of value to your Email Marketing strategy. Automate all your email marketing campaigns, build customer loyalty, and engage more with your shoppers.

Personalize Your Email Content

Organize your best sellers to top discounted products. A simple, but well-executed email announcing your store-wide Cyber Monday sale.

Contemporary Email Templates

Choose a simple yet powerful email template that’s just not good but also responsive. Provide more relevant and engaging brand experience to customers. BayMail’s email templates are also mobile-optimized!

Improved Email Deliverability

At TargetBay, we warm up our IP address and sending domains so that your emails will not go to the spam folder! Overcome all your spam-email related challenges with BayMail.

Intuitive Exit Intent Pop-Ups

Capture your shoppers’ email addresses using BayEngage’s intuitive pop-ups. Exit-intent pop-ups would work well for your out-of-stock pages.

BayEngage Supports These Innovative Ecommerce Platforms

Choose And Create Your Successful New Year Email