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Free Shopify Post Purchase Email Templates

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Use BayEngage To Send Shopify Post-Purchase Emails
And Improve Your Customers’ Experience.

Post-Purchase Emails Such As Order Confirmation Emails, Review Request Emails Increase Recurring Customers More Than You Can Imagine. These Emails Will Not Only Nurture Your Customers But Will Allow Them To Place Their Trust In Your Brand.

Compared To Your Other Promotional Email Campaigns, Post-Purchase Emails Get More Opens, Click-Through, And Conversion Rates As Customers Like The Brand Engagement After The Purchase!

Post-Purchase Emails Can Include Re-Order Emails, Win-Back Emails, Or Customer Loyalty Campaigns. These Emails Will Help You Keep In Touch With Your Customers And Help You Nurture Loyal Customers!

Things To Consider Before You Plan For Post-Purchase Emails

Deliver A Memorable And Seamless Experience To Improve Your Customers’ Trust In Your Brand. And Make Sure That You Engage With Your Customers On Time Without Spamming Their Inboxes!

Personalize Their Experience By Sending Out Order Confirmation Emails Where The Customers Can Check Their Shipping Details, Time Of Delivery And Also Track Their Order. This Will Assure Them That The Order Will Be Delivered On Time.

Deliver On Time Or Even Earlier Than The Due Date. Delivery Speed Is Crucial When It Comes To Ecommerce Purchases And It Leaves A Good Impression About Your Brand Among The Customers!


Innovative Post-Purchase Email Campaigns

BayEngage is built for Shopify email campaigns. Use our plug-and-play post-purchase email templates to actively engage with your customers. It’s also easy to engage and automate your email marketing with 12 different emails such as welcome emails, back-in-stock emails, reorder emails, etc.

Contemporary And Prosessional HTML Email Templates

Impress your customers with beautiful Shopify email templates. BayEngage’s email templates are mobile-optimized that provide more relevant and engaging brand experience to customers. Get both HTML code plus the design for FREE!

BayEngage Makes It Easy For Email Marketing

Organize your best sellers to top discounted products. A simple, but a well-executed email to make your email marketing more effective.

Effective Brand Building

With BayEngage you can build your brand with confidence. What’s more important than your own brand’s promotion? Use GIFs, carousels or even videos to make your email stand out!

Smart Pop-Ups To Capture Your Store’s Visitor Emails

Capture your shoppers’ email addresses using BayEngage’s intuitive pop-ups. Exit-intent pop-ups would work well for your out-of-stock pages.

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