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Free WooCommerce Order Confirmation Email Templates

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WooCommerce Plugin - Create an Order Confirmation Email

Let’s see how to personalize a WooCommerce order confirmation email in this post using BayEngage.

In BayEngage, you can design your email template and send your Woocommerce order confirmation email through automation. You can also use the pre-built email template for Woocommerce order confirmation email campaigns.

Ensure you have the BayEngage WooCommerce plugin installed on your site before starting the process.

Why Create An Email Template in BayEngage?

BayEngage has 11 prebuilt order confirmation email templates. However, you can also use the BayEngage Woocommerce plugin to create your email templates or select them from the pre-built email templates.

BayEngage has prebuilt order confirmation email templates for

BayEngage offers drag-and-drop editors that make it simple to create stunning email templates that you can fully tailor with your customer’s information.

BayEngage is developed with a free stock image library for easy access to high-resolution images without browsing the internet and a clear-cut workflow automation recipe to enhance an unbelievable user engagement and experience.

Now you will learn how to choose a BayEngage email template for your WooCommerce order confirmation.

Your Recipe To WooCommerce Order Confirmation Emails

Bulid Customer Trust with Order Confirmation Email Templates And Automate them With BayEngage’ Order Confirmation Email Recipes.

Send 2500 emails to 250 subscribers

Step 1: Create Your Order Confirmation Email Template

To create your Woocommerce order confirmation email template:

Step 2: Design Your Order Confirmation Email Template

To create your WooCommerce order confirmation email template, follow these steps:

Remember to add the company’s name, logo, physical address, copyright information, contact information, and privacy policy to your order confirmation email template.

Step 3: Personalize Your Order Confirmation Email Template

You can personalize your email template in order confirmation emails by changing the customer’s name, address, purchase information like product name, quantity, the total purchase cost, delivery address, and shipping address by using prebuilt placeholders.

The standard placeholder syntax is already available in every free template. These placeholders can be shifted to your preferred location on the template using drag&drop blocks.

WooCommerce Order Confirmation Email Templates On BayEngage Are:

Send 2500 emails to 250 subscribers

Step 4: Test Your Email

Before activating a campaign, it is good to test your email to make it free from errors. Make sure you save your personalized email template.
Make sure your template is free from mistakes and look at how the template appears in mobile and desktop browsers.

Create Email Campaign

Once you have created an error-free, stunning Woocommerce order confirmation email template using BayEngage, it’s time to launch your email campaign.

To create your email campaigns, follow these steps:

Before sending an email campaign, check everything from top to bottom and launch your campaign.


Hope these steps help you create a WooCommerce order confirmation email template easily.


An order confirmation is a receipt sent to buyers after making a purchase. This confirms all the details of the order, including what was purchased, how much it costs, and when it will be delivered.
Go to WooCommerce and download BayEngage for WooCommerce. Click Settings in the left pane. Next, click on the emails to view the templates. Then, click the manage button on the left of the email template to edit. You can then customize the email as you wish.
An order confirmation email must have the order number, contact information, order summary, shipping address, cost breakdown, payment method, and customer service information.
Yes. WooCommerce has an in-built feature to automatically send an order confirmation email.
The sender will confirm the order confirmation through an order confirmation email.

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