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Why Send Shopify Order Confirmation Emails?

Shopify Order email

Order Confirmation Emails, generally, give higher open and click-through rates. They are one of those automated emails that customers look forward to receiving. So when your Shopify store’s customers receive their Shopify order confirmation emails, it builds trust in your brand!

If you don’t send out those Shopify order confirmation emails, you risk losing repeat customers. They might refrain from ordering from your Shopify store again because of the uncertainty that comes with ordering your products.

Shopify Order confirm
order confirmation make another sale

Along with your Shopify order confirmation emails, you can nudge your customers to buy other products by showing them products similar to what they purchased. It’s a win-win situation! The customers get to check more of what they like and you make another sale!

Main Components of a Shopify Order Confirmation Email

Shopify order info

Add these details to your Shopify order confirmation emails: confirm the order, time of delivery, amount spent on it, customer’s address for the shipment.

Request them to leave a review in the order confirmation email. This will help you increase your Shopify store’s credibility.

order confirmation review
order confirmation promo code

Give them an offer code for their next purchase to keep them coming back to your store. You need to add value to your customer’s buying experience. So thank them with offers!

Why BayEngage?

BayEngage automate your emails

Automate your Emails

BayEngage has automated emails that you can leverage to cover the customer journey and enhance your customer engagement. And we have over 12 different types of emails to automate your email campaigns.

Responsive email templates

BayEngage has over 280 email templates that cover all the seasonal and behavioral stages for your Ecommerce store. And the best thing is they are all responsive to all the devices and no coding experience is needed.

order confirmation responsive templates
BayEngage drag and drop editor

Drag and Drop Editor

All of BayEngage’s email templates have the drag and drop editor which makes it easier to edit them however you. You can drag and drop blocks to add more content to the email templates; add image blocks; embed videos and social proofs to your emails!

Get reports on emails

Metrics are crucial to any email marketing campaign. And BayEngage gives all the right metrics that you need with precision. Make use of them and keep improving the quality of your emails and create the best brand identity for yourself!

BayEngage get real time data

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