With an abandoned cart email series, you can bring 60% of abandoned shoppers back into our store

TargetBay’s products are thoughtfully developed and designed for perfect integration with Shopify and Shopify Plus platforms.

Set Up Abandoned Cart Triggers in Minutes
Interactive Email Templates to Pique Shoppers’ Interest

Leverage powerful data from your Shopify store to configure targeted and timely email campaigns. Unlike Shopify’s basic email automation feature, TargetBay for Shopify offers a great range of features that would help you optimize your Shopify abandoned cart email strategy for extraordinary results.

Basic Shopify Email
Basic Shopify Email


Targetbay Personalized Email
TargetBay Email Personalization
TargetBay Email Personalization

User Reviews drive more conversions


Integrate Customer Reviews to Reduce Shoppers’ Uncertainty

Include reviews and testimonials in your abandoned cart email to reinforce your branding, and also, demonstrate the credibility of the products you offer. TargetBay enables you to incorporate customer reviews, thus optimizing your email for conversions.

Add Value to Emails With Extra Rewards

Over 90% of shoppers say they are more likely to return to an online store if it offers some kind of incentive. TargetBay allows you to add coupons to your email: By incentivizing your Shopify cart, you can drive more customer engagement.


Did you know TargetBay’s smart popups can help you increase your email subscription by 48%?

By using TargetBay behavioural pop-ups, you can garner user emails at various points of a customer’s journey. TargetBay’s exit-intent popups detect user behaviour and prompt them into completing their purchases.

Product Recommendations

Maximize CTR by 300% With Product Recommendations

When an email’s open rate is clearly linked to deliverability and subject line, the CTR is all about the content within the email. With intelligent product recommendations, you can get shoppers to click through your emails and back to your online store.

Why wait? Enjoy the TargetBay advantage and see sales grow!

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Shopify Abandoned Cart Email Templates

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