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Abandoned Cart Email Templates for ceramics

Premium and Responsive Abandoned Cart Email Template for your Ceramic store

3dcart Abandoned Cart Abandoned Cart Bigcommerce Abandoned Cart Magento Abandoned Cart Shopify Abandoned Cart Volusion Abandoned Cart Woocommerce Abandoned Cart
Abandoned Cart Email templates for offers

Modern and Trendy Email Template “Fall Essentials” for Fashion & Apparel Stores…..

3dcart Abandoned Cart Abandoned Cart Bigcommerce Abandoned Cart Magento Abandoned Cart Shopify Abandoned Cart Volusion Abandoned Cart Woocommerce Abandoned Cart
Abandoned Cart Email Templates for pesonal care

Professional HTML Email Template “Everyday Necessities” for Beauty & Personal Care Industry

3dcart Abandoned Cart Abandoned Cart Bigcommerce Abandoned Cart Magento Abandoned Cart Shopify Abandoned Cart Volusion Abandoned Cart Woocommerce Abandoned Cart

More than 70% of your shoppers will abandon carts at checkout and, unfortunately, this is a number that has slowly been increasing in recent years.

By implementing TargetBay’s Shopify abandoned cart email strategy, you can start combatting this phenomenon.

Abandoned Cart Emails are remarkably effective as a sales recovery tactic!

TargetBay included many interesting features for sending your Shopify abandoned cart emails to ensure you achieve high open rates and conversions.

Smart marketing automation for Shopify Ecommerce stores

Everyone loves discounts!

It’s no secret. Everyone loves freebies. Offer an incentive that is email-exclusive and not non-subscribers can get. Imagine this for a moment - one of your visitors is abandoning their cart due to the cost of their order. Maybe your products are more expensive than the visitor originally thought, or they added another item to the cart, increasing the total cost. If you were to offer a discount in your Shopify abandoned cart email, it could be the final push they need to complete their purchase.

Turn Reviews and Ratings into social proof

Social proof can help you convert those first-time visitors or skeptical buyers. 88% of consumers claim that ratings and reviews influenced their buying decision. There’s a reason why reviews and ratings work so well. Shoppers rely on people’s opinions about a product or service more than anything. Use product ratings and reviews in your Shopify abandoned cart email to let your potential customers see what others have happily purchased from you before.

Show them what they left

Your shoppers may be forgetful of what they had left in the shopping cart. They may or may not recall what they had intended to purchase in the first place. But you can remind them that through your Shopify abandoned cart emails. Unlike the cold reach out of a standard business email format, this is a warm lead. Saving their cart, or displaying the items that they’ve planned to purchase, and sending the preserved cart to them with a clear CTA will get those customers back.

Innovative Shopify Abandoned Cart Extension from TargetBay

Let the popups do the magic!

Worried about collecting email addresses? Our behavioral pop-ups get the job done. TargetBay’s smart and intuitive pop-ups will collect email addresses from any new visitor who tries to exit the website. Integrate this list with Shopify abandoned cart emails to see the best results!

Set Up Abandoned Cart Triggers in Minutes
Interactive Email Templates to Pique Shoppers’ Interest

Leverage powerful data from your Shopify store to configure targeted and timely email campaigns. Unlike Shopify’s basic email automation feature, TargetBay for Shopify offers a great range of features that would help you optimize your Shopify abandoned cart email strategy for extraordinary results.

Basic Shopify Email
Basic Shopify Email


Targetbay Personalized Email
TargetBay Email Personalization
TargetBay Email Personalization

User Reviews drive more conversions


Integrate Customer Reviews to Reduce Shoppers’ Uncertainty

Include reviews and testimonials in your abandoned cart email to reinforce your branding, and also, demonstrate the credibility of the products you offer. TargetBay enables you to incorporate customer reviews, thus optimizing your email for conversions.

Add Value to Emails With Extra Rewards

Over 90% of shoppers say they are more likely to return to an online store if it offers some kind of incentive. TargetBay allows you to add coupons to your email: By incentivizing your Shopify cart, you can drive more customer engagement.


Explore Abandonment Cart Email For

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Targetbay Shopify Integration
Targetbay BigCommerce Integration
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Shopify Abandoned Cart Emails Library

Explore our collection of Shopify Abandoned Cart Email Templates to make your Abandoned Cart Emails more interesting!

Well-crafted email templates

Our email templates are tailor-made considering your brand identity and user personas

Interesting messaging

We craft top-notch messages in the email templates to resonate with your audience

Innovative designs

Attention-grabbing designs and illustrations will lure you lost shoppers in no time

Easy to edit

Want to add a few details? Do it hassle-free with our easily customizable email templates

Did you know TargetBay’s smart popups can help you increase your email subscription by 48%?

By using TargetBay behavioural pop-ups, you can garner user emails at various points of a customer’s journey. TargetBay’s exit-intent popups detect user behaviour and prompt them into completing their purchases.

Product Recommendations

Maximize CTR by 300% With Product Recommendations

When an email’s open rate is clearly linked to deliverability and subject line, the CTR is all about the content within the email. With intelligent product recommendations, you can get shoppers to click through your emails and back to your online store.

Exciting feature from TargetBay’s Abandoned Cart Emails

Smart Segmentation

With intensive segmentation, you can target shoppers with highly relevant and personalized messages. Create different segmentation criteria to reach the right audience with the right message.

Smart Scheduling

If your emails do reach the customers at the right time, kiss them goodbye to the spam folder. With our well-balanced cadence for sending emails, your emails are sure to witness the highest open rates.

Smart Automation

Juggling too many tasks in one go. We got you. Our smart automation feature will be a great help to send automated emails and will make sure you do not miss the right window of time.

Easy-To-Use Interface

The interface is easy-to-use and you can access the app even when you’re on the go. You have complete control! Get the job done effortlessly.

Follow-up Campaign

We do not give up easily. Our follow-up campaign feature is best suited for reminding your customers the second time but with no nagging but only nurturing.

Exclusive Support

Facing any troubles at all? Don’t fret. Our expert team is right here to help you throughout the process - from onboarding to crisis management.

You don’t want to miss out on TargetBay’s amazing cart abandonment solution right?

Shopify stores across the globe are already leveraging the power of TargetBay’s abandoned cart emails.

Sign up now and see it for yourself!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does TargetBay integrate with the Shopify platform?

Yes, TargetBays offers seamless integration with the Shopify platform

How do I find abandoned carts on Shopify?

Go to your Shopify admin page, select ‘Orders’, and then click ‘Abandoned Checkouts’ to check abandoned carts from your customers on the Shopify store.

How can I decrease the number of abandoned carts in my Shopify store?

Proven strategies to decrease abandoned carts on your Shopify store include sending abandoned cart emails, give away deals and coupons, optimizing the checkout process, providing online support through live chat.

How do I remind my Shopify store visitors about their abandoned cart?

Go to your Shopify admin page, select ‘Orders’, and then click ‘Abandoned Checkouts’ to check abandoned carts from your customers on the Shopify store. From there, you can send a personalized email to any customer about their abandoned cart on the Shopify store.

What is the most useful cart abandoned app for Shopify?

Check out Abandoned Cart Recovery, Recart Messenger Marketing, Free Persistent Cart App, Moonmail Recover Checkouts, Abandonment Protector, etc.

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