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Why Are Order Confirmation Emails Important?

Order confirmation emails have a higher engagement rate than brand-focused email campaigns.

Transactional emails yield significantly higher revenue per email than standard marketing emails.

64% of customers believe order confirmation emails are more crucial than other marketing emails.

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Top Reasons To Send Out Order Confirmation emails

Increase open Rate

Captivate Post-purchase Anticipation

Reinforce Brand Identity

Save Time With FAQs

Upsell & Cross-sell Products

Track Delivery Timeline

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Social proof

Increases trust and credibility of your brand.

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An order confirmation email is a confirmation email sent by the seller to the buyer as a response to the purchase order, confirming that products will be delivered.

The order confirmation email can be sent within a few minutes of placing the order. With this email, customers believe that the buyer has accepted the order.

The essential parts of an order confirmation email are the order number, shipping address, billing address, customer contact details, the shipping method, estimated delivery date, quantity of products, view order details CTA, customer service details, and payment method.

For more details, check order confirmation emails.

Order confirmation emails are a key component for online business activity. It may not affect conversion rates directly, but it promotes brand loyalty. It’s a message that customers desire to hear since they have valuable information.

There are some pointers to consider when creating your own order confirmation email.

1. Send right after the purchase is made.

2. Be mobile-friendly.

3. Include CTA to engage with your brand.

4. Use a subject line that grabs attention.

5. Stay on your brand.

Start your order confirmation email with “Thank you for your order”, include detailed purchase information as well as a direct link to your customer support service.

The following are the primary components of order confirmation emails: confirmation of successfully purchased goods, money spent on those things, the anticipated delivery date, and the customer’s address to ship the parcel.

People expect to receive an order confirmation email shortly after making a purchase. Whether it is an email or an SMS message, it should be sent to the customer immediately.

The top reasons to send an order confirmation email are to increase the open rate, boost brand identity, capture post-purchase anticipation, upsell and cross-sell products.

An order confirmation email series is a triggered email autoresponder that delivers emails in a specified sequence at predetermined intervals.

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