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Give A Warm Welcome To Your New Customers

Create a strong bond with your new customers with impressive welcome emails using BayEngage!

A welcome email is the first formal greeting extended by a brand to its customers. It sets the stage for great relationships with subscribers.

Thoughtfully curated personalized welcome emails show your customers that you care.

TargetBay helps brands create impressive onboarding emails that readers will love.

Why Welcome Emails Mean Business

They engage customers better than other kinds of marketing emails, leading to higher open rates and longer brand engagement periods, resulting in a significant boost in sales.

Beautifully designed and worded welcome emails gain the attention and love of customers. Brands can capitalize on this interest by directing their readers to stunning landing pages or sending follow-up marketing mails nudging them to buy.

Welcome emails foster excellent customer loyalty. Brands can use them as an invitation to engage over social media, introduce them to blogs or other interesting parts of the website. This is also an opportunity for Ecommerce businesses to better understand customers’ preferences of their products and services, mode and frequency of communication, etc. Such data helps brands deliver better customer experiences.

TargetBay’s software is easy to use and allows Ecommerce businesses to set up and automate their Welcome emails in no time. Brands can send personalized communication to every new customer.

Choose from an impressive
gallery of customizable welcome email templates.

Make money from welcome emails by sending coupons or special promotions that encourage customers to shop.

Advanced automated workflows let you segment the audience and schedule welcome emails.

Let The Personality Of Your Brand Shine Through TargetBay’s Welcome Emails.