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As the name suggests, promotional emails promote products or services of an Ecommerce business. Created to drive revenue and sales, they usually contain coupons, offers or discounts that build a sense of urgency and carry potential customers through the sales funnel, leading to conversions.

Thoughtfully curated promotional emails can convince your customers to buy

A newsletter is an email that conveys updates, news, videos and other useful information to an Ecommerce store’s customers. It is an important part of every email marketing strategy. Unlike other promotional or marketing emails, the purpose of newsletters is not to sell but to build brand loyalty.

There are many types of promotional emails. Here are the most widely used:

Standard Promotional Email Campaigns

The most common email marketing campaign used to promote products or services. Although they carry tremendous potential, many standard promotional emails have no strategy. Even though the traditional approach is to systematically send several emails and wish for serendipity, putting some thought and effort into building a cohesive campaign with a series of progressive emails, where each email connects well with the other, is sure to reap sales.

Seasonal Emails

Seasonal emails are promotional emails sent during major holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year or to honor your customer’s birthday or anniversary. Seasonal email campaigns present opportunities to send multiple emails - before, during and after the event, carry exclusive discounts or offers and are only valid for a limited period, thereby creating a sense of urgency.

Time-sensitive promotional emails

These are emails sent to meet a business’s immediate requirement. Depending on the industry, time-sensitive emails can serve a lot of purposes like limited-period promotions or maybe even a weekend sale.

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