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Automated Re-engagement email

Win back and convert dormant customers into active shoppers with re-engagement emails.

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Every Ecommerce store has a list of customers who have gone cold turkey. They either don’t open brand emails, don’t take action after reading, or in worse cases, unsubscribe.

Studies show that almost 60% of a brand’s email list consists of dormant email subscribers.

Why do email subscribers become inactive?

Understanding the reasons behind diminishing customer interest and resulting inactivity can help your brand in planning effective re-engagement strategies. Here are some common causes of detachment.

Bland subject lines :

Subscribers receive promotional emails from several brands throughout the day. Only emails with catchy subject lines will stand out.

Change in requirement :

Over time, the requirement of customers’ might change and your products might no longer be relevant.

Too many emails :

Brands that do not specifically ask customers for their preferences during sign-up might end up cluttering their inboxes, diluting subscribers’ interest and diminishing the brand value.

Unsatisfactory experiences :

Issues with compatibility and rendering lead to poor online experiences and exasperation.

Brands that analyze the problems and understand expectations can successfully draw inactive customers back into the sales funnel.

Why re-engaging customers is as important as acquiring new ones

Research has determined that the cost of acquiring one new customer is 5 times more than retaining an existing one. From the revenue standpoint, your brand’s list of inactive customers is a veritable goldmine. So it is important to recover dormant shoppers before they unsubscribe. This can be achieved through re-engagement emails, also known as win-back emails.

Inspire your customers to purchase & increase revenue with TargetBay’s re-engagement emails

Successful win-back emails have the right elements that nudge readers into buying. Here’s why TargetBay’s automated win-back emails are special.

With a variety of templates to choose from, creating appealing win-back emails is simple and fun.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to customers. TargetBay’s advanced segmentation helps brands send the right message to the right audience.

Make your campaigns actionable by adding one of these sections to your re-engagement emails - simply drag and drop.

Coupons: Shoppers love discounts and offers. Encourage them to buy from your store again by including coupons in win-back emails.

Personalized recommendations: TargetBay analyzes the shopping behaviour of your customers and helps you send highly relevant, personalized product recommendations in win-back emails.

Start rebuilding relationships with your customers through TargetBay’s win back emails