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Online shoppers are spoilt for choice. When they visit your Ecommerce store and notice that their favourite product is out of stock or not available in a preferred colour, size or configuration, chances are they’ll instantaneously head to your competitor’s website and buy.

A study conducted by IHL shows a loss of over $600 billion in retail revenue every year due to out-of-stock products. While this may sound appalling, the silver lining is the high potential of reclaiming lost sales.

How can Ecommerce stores capitalize on this loss of revenue?

Several online businesses have enjoyed success with back-in-stock emails. Used to send stock alerts of products to customers with high purchase intent, these emails can produce excellent conversions.

TargetBay’s automated back-in-stock notification emails help brands recover demand and revenue.

What makes TargetBay back-in-stock emails special?

A strong inbound marketing strategy calls for excellent email marketing campaigns. Here are some Shopify email marketing campaigns offered by TargetBay.

TargetBay integrates seamlessly with Ecommerce stores on leading platforms like Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce and Shift4Shop. This allows data flow in real-time, enabling brands to alert shoppers at the right moment to recover sales.

Brands can choose from TargetBay’s collection of beautiful, back-in-stock email templates. Valuable sections such as coupons or reviews can be dragged and dropped into your back-in-stock email to make them more powerful.

TargetBay’s email marketing automation is highly effective, and important for online businesses as it saves time, communicates with the right audience at the right moment and brings a higher return on investment.

TargetBay captures the emails of anonymous visitors to your website through different kinds of pop-ups.

Exit intent pop-up: When a user navigates to an out of stock product page and tries to exit, TargetBay triggers a pop-up asking for an email address where a notification can be sent when the item is back in stock.

Timed triggers: If the customer stays on the out-of-stock product page for more than 10 seconds, TargetBay’s pop-up attempts to collect the email address for notification when the item is back in stock. The trigger timing can be customized.

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