Learn What BayEngage’s Ecommerce Pop-ups Can Do for You

Engage With Your Customers

Keep engaging with your customers and cover all their purchase journey and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. Pop-ups are a great way to engage with your customers as soon they enter your Ecommerce store or exit your store. Use that opportunity to recommend products or give them discount codes if they are a new customer.

Increase Your Email List

Using a pop-up, you can get your customers to sign up for your email newsletters to keep them updated about your products and discounts. Sign-up forms will be a good starting point for building a meaningful relationship with your customers. Email sign-ups do a lot more good than you think! You will be able to increase your sales, and simultaneously, you can connect with your customers personally.

Retain Your Existing Customers

When you create a pop-up using BayEngage, you have an option to choose which list of customers you want to show the pop-ups with discounts or offer codes. So you can target these pop-ups to your regular customers in your email list with better deals. This will not only make them feel special and will encourage them to keep coming back to your Ecommerce store!

Put a stop to cart abandonment

Apart from abandoned cart emails, exit-intent pop-ups also do wonders to give the right push to your customers to complete the purchase! You can display coupon codes or discounts in the pop-up or even just give them a simple reminder about the abandoned cart. Recapture your customers by even suggesting similar products that they might like. This will give visibility to your other products and increase sales at the time!

Display Highly Targeted Pop-ups with Target rules

In BayEngage, when you select the Target rules icon, you have the option to choose what kind of visitors can view the pop-up. You can filter them based on their online behavior, URLs, location, and more. This feature will make your pop-ups highly targeted. and your efforts will not go to waste. It will show the customers what they want, and it will help you increase customer loyalty, retention, and repeat sales!

1. Create pop-ups in minutes by choosing a pop-up template

There’s a wide range of high quality, pre-built templates to pick from
Make use of the Drag & Drop editor for customization
Easily add or remove fields, images, and elements from any template
Get these mobile-optimized pop-ups with responsive design
You can also set a Thank you pop-up to follow after the visitors sign up using the pop-up form!
If you don’t want a Thank you pop-up but you want to redirect the visitors to another site, click ‘more options’ next to ‘Thank you’ . You can paste the URL that you want your visitors to be redirected in there!

2. An attractive collection of well-designed templates

Pop-ups with lightbox

Pop-ups with countdown pop-ups

Pop-ups with full-screen overlays

Pop-ups with slide-in pop-ups

Pop-ups with social widgets

Pop-ups with top and bottom bars

Pop-ups with responsive and mobile templates

3. Highly focused triggers and advanced targeting options

Set triggers by behavior such as exit-Intent, time delay, scrolling, on-click, and more

Set targets by traffic sources like search engines, social networks, etc.

Set targets by geo-specific countries, specified dates, and time of day

Set targets by specific website pages like URL or title of pages
Different pop-ups can be displayed for new, returning, and converted visitors

Set control frequency of pop-up display to each visitor

4. A/B testing made easy

Create pop-ups with A/B tests in less than a minute
Compare and analyze timing, interactions, and triggers to know the most effective version of your pop-up

What makes pop-up features the best for your website?

Context: our pop-up has pre-existing content that is relevant to any Ecommerce website.

Copy: our pop-up text is catchy and can convert visitors to customers quickly.

Design: our wide range of visually appealing design elements will grab your visitors’ attention.

Effects: our pop up tool has different features with interesting effects

Not only are the features versatile, but you can also use all of these for free until your pageviews cross 2500 monthly!

Create your pop-up in less than 3 minutes!