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Behavioral Pop-up

Design and trigger popups to improve engagement and conversions

Get Noticed With Personalized Popups

TargetBay records customer’s navigational footprint from the time they enter your eCommerce website. Make use of such data to provide a personalized recommendation to customers to improve conversions and engagement.

Intervene Customers And Take Timely Actions

Online shoppers are extremely picky and choosy, even the slightest mishap can trigger them to leave. Stop customers from leaving the website with timely messages and send offers using popups. With TargetBay, you get to set multiple triggers throughout the website and simultaneously intervene in customer’s exit intention in numerous ways, possible. TargetBay Fact Check: Tests show that 10% to 15% of visitors who the eCommerce website can be saved with the help of thoughtful and relevant popups.

Reduce Cart Abandonment

Customers add products to the cart, only when they are interested. There could be numerous reasons as to why they abandoned their cart, but a cart abandonment popup can hold them back for a second and make them think twice about their decision to leave. Pair it with the perfect offer or incentive, to get the maximum response for the cart abandonment pop-up.

Stop Site Abandonment

Customers can leave your website for various reasons, make use of TargetBay’s site abandonment pop-up and give reasons for shoppers to shop more on your website. Tailor-made offers based on the personal recommendation will interest shoppers to stay back and shop more.

Checkout Review Popup

Interested in increasing your product and website review, then this is the right feature that gets the job done effortlessly. Once the customers’ checkout, they get the popup urging them to rate their recent purchase, this improves engagement and captures more reviews to the website. TargetBay Fact Check : We have helped in increasing 24% of review generated through checkout review popups.

Build An Efficient Email List

You must be spending a fortune to get visitors on your website, but you can’t expect them to convert in their very first visit. You must collect their email address and reach out to them to get them back to your website. TargetBay lets you create various triggers to showcase pop-up which helps in building your email database faster. TargetBay Fact Check : Popups have proven to increase your email capture rate by 1375%.

Increase Customer Cart Value

Your eCommerce success only begins when you retain old customers as well as improve each cart value. That’s where the importance of upselling and cross-selling comes into play. When you couple the power of product recommendation and pop-up, visibility improves along with the chances that customers will buy more from you.

Welcome First Time Shoppers

Make shoppers feel at home with a welcome popup. It’s the perfect way to introduce them to your eCommerce products and services. Provide a welcome offer and urge them to try your eCommerce service to test your online service. If they love your product and timely delivery, they will convert into loyal customers.