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Email Marketing ROI Calculator: Evaluate Your Campaign Performance

Are you tired of investing valuable time and resource into email campaigns without a clear understanding of their return on investment? Our free ROI calculator is here to optimize your email marketing efforts by providing you with accurate and insightful ROI calculations.

Enter the total number of recipients your campaigns was sent or you intend to send.

Enter the total cost spent on the email marketing campaign for which you intend to calculate the ROI.

Enter the value of sales generated from the campaign

Enter the average percentage of emails that have reached the recipient's inboxes

Plug-in the percentage of recipients who have opened the emails of the specific campaign

Cost Per Subscriber (in $):

Revenue per Email (in $):

No. of Emails Delivered:

No. of Emails Opened:

Total Profit Generated (in $):

ROI (in %):
Benchmark ROI Percentage - 15-30%

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Did You Know?
Just a 1% improvement to your email deliverability rate would get _ more emails to your customers inbox, _ more opens.

What To Enter?


Send Volume

Enter the total number of recipients your campaigns was sent to or you intend to send. Exclude the bounced emails from your send volume for a more accurate ROI number.

Total Cost of Campaign

In this field, enter the cost spent on the email marketing campaign for which you intend to calculate the ROI. Ex - Say you paid $150 on a Christmas campaign to your ESP. This represents the total cost of your Christmas campaign.

Total Campaign Sales

Feed in the total value of the sales generated from the particular campaign. For instance, if you made a $500 sale from the Christmas campaign, this amount represents the total campaign sales.

Unique Open Rates

Unique open rate refers to the percentage of recipients who opened an email at least once. It calculates the proportion of distinct individuals who engaged with the email by opening it among the total number of emails delivered.

Email Deliverability

Plug in the percentage of successfully delivered emails in an email marketing campaign. It represents the proportion of emails that were sent and reached the recipient's inboxes without being bounced or filtered out as spam.

Open Rate

Enter the percentage of recipients who opened an email out of the total number of emails delivered. It is typically calculated by dividing the number of unique email opens by the number of emails delivered, excluding bounced & undelivered emails.

With TargetBay, you can track the performance of your campaigns using metrics such as email deliverability, open rate, click-through rate, reply rate, bounce rate, unsubscribe rate, spam rate, etc.

Understanding Your Results

Cost per subscriber

Represents the cost you’re spending on each recipient to whom you have sent emails as a part of the campaign. And can be calculated using the following:

Cost Per Subscriber = Campaign Cost / No. of subscribers in the campaign list


Net revenue of the campaign

This indicates the total profit generated from the campaign and can be calculated by subtracting the total sales of the campaign from the total cost of the campaign.

Net Revenue = Campaign Sale - Campaign Cost

Revenue per email

Refers to the profit earned for every email sent. It can be calculated by dividing the revenue generated by the total number of emails sent.

Revenue per email = Net Revenue / Total no. of emails sent


ROI (%)

Email marketing ROI refers to the actual measure of a campaign’s profitability. It indicates the percentage of returns you’ve received for this email campaign. Ex - A ROI (%) of 5,000 represents that you have received $50 for every $1 spent.

ROI % = (Campaign Sales - Campaign Cost) / Cost of Campaign * 100

Get Better Results by Optimizing

Unique Click-Through Rates

The click rate is the percentage of successfully delivered campaigns with at least one registered click. The benchmark CTR hovers around 2.6% - 3%

Spam Rates

The acceptable standard spam complaint rate is anything less than 0.1%. A high spam complaint rate will affect your sender score and email deliverability.

Bounce Rates

The percentage of emails that could not be delivered on account of the recipient's email addresses not being found. The industry average bounce rate lies between 0.7% - 0.9%

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