Tinte Cosmetics switched from Mailchimp and increased their open rate by 60% in 3 months

The Result Of Migrating From mailchimp To TargetBay’s BayMail

Tinte Cosmetics was using Mailchimp Email Marketing for more than 5 years. One of the challenges they faced was getting their emails delivered to inbox and most of the times emails were blocked by the Email Service Providers (ESPs) and they just bounced.

About Tinte Cosmetics

The company was formed in 2007 with a vision to encourage women to feel beautiful, confident and be the best version of themselves. It loves creating products that are nostalgic, multi-functional and easy to apply. Tinte is based out of Sarasota, Florida.

Tinte is a leader in vintage lip balm, flavored lip shines and kissing sticks too!

TargetBay has helped to skyrocket email marketing revenue to about $60k in just 3 months

– Stacy Reid, Co Founder, Tinte Cosmetics

The Problem

Emails were getting blocked and not delivered to the primary folder

We were using Mailchimp Email Marketing for more than 5 years. One of the challenges we faced was getting our emails were not delivered at all, they just bounced as they were blocked by the Email Service Providers (ESPs).

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The Solution

Better list building and email segmentation

Email marketing starts with list building. It plays a major role in reaching out to the right audience. TargetBay’s email experts worked with Tinte’s team to find the right target audience and helped in both list building as well as list segmentation.

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TargetBay has been able to increase their open rates significantly by using the following methodology,

  • Our secret sauce is how we warm up our IP address and sending domains.
  • TargetBay has a proprietary system to monitor the open rates using our own platform.
  • Assign less number of the account to a sending domain and IP address compared to the industry average.

Wholesale Account Emails

Tinte Cosmetics did a lot of email marketing campaigns to our wholesale customers with BayMail. Email open rates were as high as 37% for some campaigns, they are now successfully engaging with them like never before. TargetBay has helped their business to go to the next level.

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Open Rate in Last 3 Months
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Click Rate in Last 3 Months

BayMail from TargetBay is extremely user-friendly and a great time saver for Ecommerce email marketing campaigns. We used both Infusionsoft and Mailchimp, but we found it challenging to send emails without bouncing back and have them landed in the ‘Inbox folder’, email open rates challenge was finally solved and that too instantly when we switched to TargetBay.

– Stacy Reid, Co Founder, Tinte Cosmetics

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