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How BayReviews targeted review request email helped Canna-Pet achieve 40% more product reviews

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Canna-Pet is a leader in producing innovative pet food, focusing on hemp-enhanced organic products. They source high-quality ingredients to ensure great nutrition for pets.


Seattle, Washington, United States

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Automation workflow
Review request email


Canna-Pet, a leader in the pet food supplies industry, specializes in hemp-enhanced organic products. Known for their high-quality ingredients and commitment to pet nutrition in the industry.

This case study explores how TargetBay’s BayReviews automated review request emails helped Canna-Pet achieve a 40% increase in product reviews, enhance their online visibility, and boost their organic reputation.


Lack of Organic Reputation and Ranking: Struggling to build a strong organic reputation and achieve high search engine rankings.

web traffic

Customer Base vs Website Traffic: Despite a loyal customer base, Canna-Pet needed to convert this into increased traffic and sales on their website.


SEO Ranking: They needed to improve their ranking for search-centric keywords to enhance online visibility.


Canna-Pet aimed to:

Strengthen its organic reputation and search engine rankings


Convert customer satisfaction into website traffic


Boost online sales through effective SEO strategies


TargetBay’s BayReviews provided a comprehensive solution by automating the review collection process. This approach included sending targeted review request emails to customers shortly after their products were delivered.

Automating Review Requests After Shipping: Using the 'Mail After Shipment' feature, Canna-Pet sent automated emails to customers a specified number of days after their products were shipped. This resulted in a conversion rate of over 20% of orders into reviews.

Targeted Review Request Emails: BayReviews utilized Canna-Pet’s customer database effectively, sending targeted review request emails based on purchase behavior and loyalty. This strategic targeting led to a rapid 40% increase in product reviews.

Collecting Website Reviews: The 'Mail After Order Placed' feature helped gather website reviews easily. Customers were encouraged to share their experiences, improving Canna-Pet’s overall reputation and enriching their website with valuable user-generated content.


Achievements in 30 Days:


40% Increase in Product Reviews: The targeted emails and automated review requests led to a significant boost in the number of product reviews.


$75.62 Increase in Order Value: Enhanced reviews and customer feedback contributed to higher order values.


20% Increase in Review Collection Rate: The systematic approach to requesting reviews resulted in a higher collection rate, further enhancing the online presence of Canna-Pet.


The implementation of TargetBay’s BayReviews resulted in several positive outcomes:

Increased Product Reviews: A 40% increase in product reviews improved user interaction and provided valuable content for potential customers.


Improved Search Keyword Rankings: The influx of user-generated content helped Canna-Pet gain new search keyword rankings.


Significant Increase in Organic Traffic: Enhanced online visibility and improved search engine rankings led to a significant increase in organic traffic.


By leveraging TargetBay’s BayReviews, Canna-Pet successfully overcame their challenges and achieved substantial improvements in customer engagement and online visibility. The automated review requests and optimized user-generated content strategy led to a 40% increase in product reviews, higher order values, and enhanced organic traffic.

This strategic approach has positioned Canna-Pet as a stronger competitor in the pet food supplies industry, highlighting the effectiveness of targeted review request emails in achieving business growth and customer satisfaction.