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Efficiently Recover Abandoned Carts With BayEngage And Increase Your ROI

Use Email And SMS Splits To Recover Carts

Follow up with shoppers who abandoned their carts by automatically sending them an email or text message with a special offer/coupon. Reach the right customers with the right message, sent through the right channel and increase your omnichannel presence with BayEngage.

Email And SMS Splits

Segment Your Customers And Provide A Personalized Experience

BayEngage’s advanced segmentation helps you know your customers better. Segment your customers by interests, behavior, demographics, and boost sales with appropriate offers.

Automation Flows That Improve Customer Experience

Use the dynamic email flows to engage your customers effectively. You can send abandoned cart emails based on user activity (transactional and behavioral), as well as create granular workflows with “Yes” and “No” paths for each engagement metric.
Convert Abandoned Carts

Want To Capture And Convert Abandoned Carts?

With high-intent popups, you can capture users who abandoned their carts with ease. Use the data you collect to re-engage those lost customers – with targeted messaging and subject lines that will grab their attention.

Use Coupons To Recover Carts

Use the perfect combination of coupons to recover your lost carts! Dynamic and static coupons work together to recover maximum value from each customer. Don’t let any of your customers slip away.
Use Coupons


You go to an online eCommerce store, add items to your virtual cart but abandon the purchase process during checkout leaving the products in your cart as it is. This is shopping cart abandonment.

Abandoned cart emails are very effective. Data reveals that 50% of all abandoned cart emails are opened, and 33.33% of clicks lead to purchases back on site

Your first email should be sent within 60 minutes of the cart abandonment.

Yes, BayEngage offers a 14-day free trial after which you can continue to use the platform for free – Up to 250 subscribers and 500 emails.

Yes, absolutely! We have 70+ email and 10+ SMS templates for the abandoned cart automation recipe. A simple plug and play and you can call it done.

It takes a few simple steps to set up your abandoned cart automation on BayEngage. You can access a pre-built automation flow and customize the day, audience, and email template and set it live!

Re-engage Lost Shoppers With BayEngage’s
Abandoned Cart Software