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How To Setup Review Coupon For Mail After Shipment?

Review coupons are used to encourage customers submit their reviews. You can setup review coupon for Mail after shipment —

  1. Log into TargetBay’s dashboard by entering the right credentials.

  2. Now click ‘Review & QA’ on the left-side menu.

    Setup Review Coupon

  3. Under ‘Review & QA’, there are three options: ‘Manage’, ‘Tools’ and ‘Import’. Click ‘Tools’ and after the page loads, click ‘Review Coupons’.

    Review Coupon For Mail After Shipment

  4. By default, a template will be shown. Design the template as per your requirement using the General and Custom widgets (drag and drop).

    Mail After Shipment

  5. After finalizing the template, click on the ‘+’ symbol on top right corner. Mention the percentage you would like to offer, in the review coupon.

    Review Coupon

  6. Customize From Name, From email, Reply to and Subject. Mention the percentage you would like to offer, in the Review Coupon.

    Customize Details

  7. For ‘Send email’, there are two options: ‘On Approval’ and ‘On Submission’. ‘On Approval’ sends review coupon only after the review submitted by the customer, is approved in review management section. ‘On Submission’ sends review coupon immediately after the review is submitted by the customer. Choose the option that is suitable for your requirement.

    On Approval

  8. Once you have completed all the settings, click ‘Save’ and ensure ‘Enable’ status is ON. If it is OFF, click to turn the status to ON.

    Setup Review Coupon

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