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Why Choose Us
We’ve been dealing with eCommerce sites on multiple platforms (Drupal Commerce, Shopify, Prestashop, Magento) for years, and we know what it takes to achieve high conversion rates. Our software is built around that experience, which means that you can track all the metrics you need to understand your customers better.
Our Vision
We believe that understanding the customer psyche is the way to improve eCommerce conversions. TargetBay is making this happen, with watertight analytics and personalized communication. We’re committed to changing the eCommerce customer experience, one interaction at a time.
Meet Our Team
Meet the brains behind TargetBay! These are the people who have dedicated themselves to improving the eCommerce shopping experience.
From marketing to design and development, they love all things eCommerce.
Nash Ogden

Danielle Fietkau

Sathish Kumar

Pon Pandian

Hamad Zafar

Verity Washington

Abiramy Vinodh



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