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How Vietri Increased Sales By 25% In Just 30 days

Case Study

The Result of Implementing Exit Pop-up for

Increase In Revenue
Increase In Customer Engagement
Increase In On-site Conversion

About The Company

Vietri is one of the largest retailers of handcrafted Italian tableware and home decor products designed and produced at self-owned factories throughout Italy. With an industry experience of 30+ years, Vietri has some of the ¬nest craftsmen working on decorative and utility products for home and garden.


Cart abandonment rate of over 68%


The need for an efficient cart recovery process became imminent during their holiday seasons, especially Thanksgiving and Christmas, where their cart abandonment reached almost 68%. The home decor brand needed a solution that could stop cart abandonment and improve customer engagement.

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Exit Abandonment Cart Pop-up to reduce cart abandonment by 23%


With TargetBay, the client was able to intervene customers who left behind products in their cart. Every time a user tries to close the website with products in their cart, TargetBay can trigger a pop-up reminding customers about the products in their cart.

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25% increase in overall sales

With TargetBay’s cart abandonment feature, Vietri was able to automate pop-up triggers and achieve a 25% increase in overall sales. Additionally, they increased their subscription rate to engage customers better in their future marketing campaigns.

Result Graph

Find Out How TargetBay Helped Vietri achieve $23,000+ revenue

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