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Turn Every Transaction Into A Relationship And Increase The Lifetime Value Of Your Customers

BayEngage is reshaping the future of subscription commerce with automated/personalized email and SMS workflows.

Automate the entire subscription lifecycle

Engage with end-to-end pre-built transactional emails and SMSes with your customers. Stay one step closer to your customers.

Segment based on subscription status

Leverage BayEngage’s segmentations to create personalized email and SMS automation workflows.

Increase LTV (Lifetime Value) and customer retention

Make your customers feel like they're the only ones. Create tailor-made experiences to increase LTV and retain your customers.

Reduce shopper churn & increase brand loyalty

Give your shoppers more control over their subscriptions. Allow them to skip or delay deliveries, as well as swap out products to try new things.

Retrieve more payments

You'll never have to worry about lost revenue again. If a customer's payment fails, we’ll automate the entire payment recovery process. It’s completely on us!

Stay ahead of your customers

Know every detail of your customer’s journey and make informed decisions to increase value and skyrocket your business.

Manage every aspect of your subscription business

Turn your one-time transactions into long-term customer relationships

Empower subscribers

Customers who subscribed for your products

Engage the subscribers in the best way possible with automated email and SMS workflows throughout the customer lifecycle

Enable subscriptions

Eliminate churn

Customers who cancel the subscription

Don’t let customers churn out of your business. Give your customers more choices to either skip or delay their orders instead. Your customers are the king, right?

Tips to reduce churn

A reason to come back

Subscription expired

Don’t let customers slip through your fingers! Find them and keep them. Winback lost customers with BayEngage! Send more targeted and personalized messages with coupon codes.

Winback your customers

Recover failed payments with swag!

Failed payments

Don’t let payment issues get you down. Recover failed payments with powerful automation workflows.

Start recovering failed payments

Turn one-time orders into subscriptions

Encourage your customers to subscribe to your products with reorder automation.

Learn more about reorder automation

You’re in good hands: Meet the subscription
commerce experts

The team at TargetBay has 10+ years of experience in helping Ecommerce businesses just like yours manage their subscription commerce at ease:

Step by step assistance with email template design

Monthly audits on your automation and key recommendations

Helping you strategize your segmentation

Hacks for better conversions and retention

Talk to the subscription commerce experts

Custom-tailored email templates

All the industry-specific email templates you need, in a pre-built and personalized way.

Save time and automate your transactions

Industry-specific personalized email and SMS templates

50+ ready-to-use user-friendly templates

Access my free templates

Texting is the new email

We’ve got you covered. Be brief, be witty, and make sure to reach your customers with crisp automated SMS messages.

Asking customers to update their shipping details? - Text them!

Asking customers to update their payment options? - Text them!

Asking customers to update their contact details? Text them!

Text them!

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