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Product Reviews

Increase conversion rates by displaying user ratings & reviews for your products.


Over 88% of Ecommerce shoppers buy only after reading the reviews of products.

Why Are Product Reviews Important?

With brands vying to win customers over with aggressive marketing, online reviews have become an important consideration for consumers. Over 88% of Ecommerce shoppers buy only after reading the reviews of products. Product ratings and reviews secure the customer journey by giving them the confidence to complete the checkout process.

Search Engines Love Unique User Content

Reviews are able to garner trust because they represent personal and unbiased users’ experiences. Written by customers, they constitute unique content that search engines love. Naturally, a good number of product reviews will drive higher organic traffic to Ecommerce websites.

TargetBay understands the nuances of consumer behaviour and has accordingly formulated strategic channels that are guaranteed to help your store collect product reviews from the maximum number of customers. Furthermore, we ensure high visibility of user reviews at the most crucial touchpoints, ensuring the journey concludes in purchase.

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The Impact Of Product Reviews On Your Bottom Line

Positive reviews nudge customers from a state of hesitation to zealous decisiveness to purchase. Studies show that this transition happens within moments, which gives user reviews the power to make or break a sale, consequently impacting the bottomline of an Ecommerce business.

Impact of Product Reviews on SEO

A study conducted by Moz on the various factors influencing Search Engine Ranking shows some interesting findings: The product/ service keywords in Reviews help brands stand out from competition Product reviews are important for good ranking

Google and other search engines look at the reviews before they decide where to rank your business on search results. Since consumers rely heavily on reviews, so do search engines.

Content moderation

You can now view every review that a customer writes, and filter out the ones that negatively impact your business. Only the product reviews that have your approval get pushed for publication on the website.

TargetBay allows brands to pre-moderate customer reviews before publishing them.