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Entice Your Customers With Price Drop Emails This 2021

Who doesn’t like to hear about prices dropping? Let them all know about it and retain loyalty!

Over 90% of new visitors to online stores look around but leave without making any purchase. Most times, shoppers are hunting for a good deal on items and might not buy if they are dissatisfied with the pricing. Such users might return to your Ecommerce store in the future and consider buying during sale or special offers, but there is no way to be sure.

TargetBay’s automated price-drop emails capture the purchase intent of past visitors and attract them back to the sales funnel

Effective Pricing Strategies

By analyzing the product graph in conjunction with the performance of price-drop email campaigns, brands can improve pricing strategy to drive revenue.

Healthier Product Lifecycle

Sending price-drop email notifications to past visitors allow brands to improve the lifecycle of products. By offering a drop in price, Ecommerce stores could avoid hefty discount strategies that erode profit margins.

Insights Into Consumer Behaviour

Customers’ response to price-drop emails helps brands understand buying trends and customer preferences, which are both important for business innovation.

Personalized Communication

Customers are more willing to open notification emails than other types of marketing emails. This is because alert emails are highly-relevant and target the individual interest of the shopper.

How price-drop email campaigns help Ecommerce businesses.

The Mere Exposure Effect

Sending a series of price-drop emails will keep driving customers back to your online store. Consistent exposure to your products builds familiarity, which nudges shoppers to complete transactions.

Get increased revenue per customer with TargetBay’s price-drop emails

What Can You Expect?

A Set Of Beautiful Templates

You can choose from an impressive collection of price-drop email templates and customize each section to fit your requirements.

Fuss-Free UI

It is really easy to set up price-drop emails in TargetBay. Once automated, the entire process runs smoothly and requires little to no intervention.

Smart Add-Ons

Show product reviews in price-drop emails to increase trust and conversions.

Would You Like To Create Revenue-Generating Price-Drop Emails?