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Leverage the power of Back in Stock email template

The most common way to employ back in stock emails is via the good ol’ fashion batch and blast campaign. This single back in stock email template highlights a suite of products. Based on your sending preferences and product line, you can use this back in stock email template. We have made this Back in stock email template most relevant by pairing it with a discount, seasonal change, or product announcement. Back in stock campaigns are known to be a revenue lever and are a great way to engage your subscribers with products they might be interested in.

How To Use This Back in stock email Template?

Step 1: Visit the TargetBay’s website and select the Email template that you like from the ‘Email Templates’ section.

Step 2: You will be taken to the Email Template’s specific landing page where you can see both the Desktop and Mobile version of the template for better understanding.

Step 3: Download the template for free and start using it right away.

Step 4: Want to change a few details, add a logo, etc? Totally! Customize the template as you wish and download the template.