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Interesting Back in stock email template

Wouldn’t it be nice if shoppers just told you what they wanted, and then bought it? Back in stock emails are the untouched revenue lever you need to take a second look at. Make your back in stock emails as interesting as possible with this tailor-made back in stock email template. This email template will work wonders for you due to its simple designs, product images, clear segmentation of categories, powerful messaging, clear CTAs, integration with social media handles, interesting banner sections to include offers/coupon codes.

How To Use This Interesting Back in Stock Template?

Step 1: Head over to the TargetBay’s website and pick the Email template that suits you best from the ‘Email Templates’ section.

Step 2: You will be taken to the Email Template’s specific landing page. Here, you can see both the Desktop and Mobile version of the template for better understanding.

Step 3: Download the template for free and start using it right away.

Step 4: Want to change a few details, add a logo, etc? Customize the template as you wish and download the customized template.

Plain and Professional HTML Back-in-stock Email Template “Lucky This Time” for Bigcommerce retailers Use in Editor
Dark and Scenic HTML Back-in-stock Email Template “Now is the Time” for Bigcommerce Brands Use in Editor
Smooth and stylish HTML Back-in-stock Email Template “Fashion Realm” for the Fashion and Apparel Industry Use in Editor
White-colored, professional HTML Back-in-stock Email Template “No More Wait” for Fashion and Apparel Industry Use in Editor
Premium, white.-themed HTML Back-in-stock Email Template “Formal Attire” for the Fashion and Apparel Industry Use in Editor
Surprise your customer with our fun and exciting Back-in-Stock email template. Use in Editor
Stunning, color-filled HTML Back-in-stock Email Template “Pink Party” for the Fashion and Apparel Industry Use in Editor
Beautiful, personalized HTML Back-in-stock Email Template “Grab it Before it Goes” for Fashion Industry Use in Editor
Stylish, custom-built HTML Back-in-stock Email Template “Fashion Fusion” to Re-engage Your Customers Use in Editor