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Cyber Monday Email
Cyber Monday Email Template


‘Cyber Feet Up’ Template for Your Footwear store

This Cyber Monday Email Template is just the perfect way to KICKstart(pun intended) to your Holiday season campaign. This template helps your main product (you can customize that too) garner all the attention as it is placed right in the middle. Moreover, it also allows you to add more products so that there is a lot more for your shoppers to explore. However, what makes this template the best pick is the clever use of bright colors that lightens up the mood and transports the shopper to the holiday mood. Lastly, the placement of discount code is enough to entice your users and take them on a FOMO ride till they complete their purchase. Now, all you gotta do is download it for free and amp it up!

How To Use This ‘Cyber Feet Up’ Templates?

Step 1: Get the best Cyber Monday Email template from TargetBay’s website.

Step 2: You’ll be taken to your picked Email Template’s landing page, to take a look at the two different versions of the templates!

Step 3: Tweak it all you want and build a winning email campaign template.

Step 4: Now, download it today for free!

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