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Luxury Blankets Retailer Made $2.7 Million in Sales with TargetBay's Email & SMS Marketing

A family-run business for over 18 years, the company boosted sales by partnering with TargetBay in April 2023. TargetBay's email, SMS, reviews, and rating integration helped them elevate their customer engagement.

Read the case study to understand how TargetBay helped them achieve their marketing goals

About The Company

TargetBay engagement campaigns
The company, a leading luxury blankets retailer in the US, specializes in creating luxury blankets for various purposes, including home decor, baby blankets, and adult throws. They are renowned for their incredibly soft and high-quality blankets, which are made from materials like plush fabric, faux fur, and minty fabric.
The company was founded by Emily and her husband, Nathan, in 2006 with a mission to provide customers with blankets that offer comfort, warmth, and style. The blankets are designed to be not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, with a range of colors and patterns to suit different tastes and preferences.

The Challenges

Demand for blankets may fluctuate seasonally, with peak demand during colder months.
Managing inventory, marketing efforts, and cash flow during seasonal fluctuations can be challenging.
Here are some specific marketing challenges they encounter:


Increase email marketing open rates by 15%

Boost click-through rates by 0.2%

Re-engage dormant customers through targeted email and SMS campaigns

Grow the customer base through effective marketing and sales strategies.

Implement a system for collecting and displaying customer reviews and ratings, aiming for a seamless customer experience.

Increase revenue generated through email and SMS campaigns.

Testimonial From The Founder:

The best part about using BayEngage is the incredible support that we've received from Pon, Bala, KJ and rest of the team. I feel as though they are deeply invested in the success of our business and respond to our questions/concerns extremely quickly and with great care.
- Founder and CEO

How TargetBay Boosted Sales & Achieved Marketing Goals for a Leading Luxury Blanket Retailer?