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300+ Professionally Designed Email Templates

BayEngage Templates

Pick from our 300+ responsive email templates and edit them or design your own. Play around with our drag and drop editor and dynamic content to make your email campaign the best it can be.

The downside with email services like Mailchimp is that they have a very limited templates collection. Particularly, for eCommerce, there are only 15 email templates and only 2 in the free plan. This is the mediocrity we want you to abandon.

A Huge Library of Stock Images

Scroll through millions of stock images and roll out engaging and visually appealing emails in minutes. With millions of stock images at hand, you’re only limited by your creativity.

Mailchimp's stock assets are not reliable. You have to make more integrations to manage your image library, which is a tangled process that requires a learning curve.

BayEngage stock images

24x7 Reliable Chat Support

BayEngage Chat Support

We have excellent customer support over emails and calls. Our professionals are available 24x7 to help you grow your business. Additionally, you can access our help guides anytime and anywhere.

While Mailchimp’s customer service has grown increasingly unhelpful, with practically every request receiving a standard response, we don’t think you’d want to cry for help every time you feel stuck with something :(

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UI and ease-of-use

The BayEngage UI is simple and intuitive. You will get the hang of it in a matter of seconds and start creating impressive email campaigns in a snap.

Mailchimp’s interface is bloated and clunky. The UI is loaded with menus, making it difficult for the user to navigate through and accomplish what they intend to. It can take a long time to create and organize a campaign

BayEngage UI Design

Custom built for Ecommerce business

BayEngage Custom Built

BayEngage is an all-in-one email marketing automation tool. With BayEngage, you can personalize, segment, automate and track your email campaigns even in the free plan.

A lot of essential features like automation, bulk segmentation, live chat, and more are blocked in the free plan. Even premium plans offer meager value in Mailchimp.

Curious to know how much you can save with BayEngage

Mailchimp’s plans are quite expensive. See how BayEngage is one of the cheaper Mailchimp alternatives.

BayEngage vs Mailchimp Graph

BayEngage’s pricing is so generous that you can unlock all of the key features in both free and premium plans. Whereas in email services like Mailchimp, your pricing will increase as you unlock more features. This makes BayEngage the perfect Mailchimp replacement.

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emails to 250 Subscribers

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  • Monthly Paid plan starts at $10 and accommodates contacts up to 1,000 and maximum email volume of 10,000 (Add on pricing $20/month)

  • Increase tiers per $10 and enjoy 2x contacts and email volume

  • Pricing extends up to $850 per month which accommodates contacts up to 100,000 and a maximum email volume of 1,000,000 (Add on pricing $1,000/month)

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Mailchimp Alternatives For Various Use Cases

BayEngage - mailchimp alternative for startup

Mailchimp Alternatives For Startups

Smart email marketing software keeps your startup alive and strengthens business and customer engagement. With powerful automation, segmentation, and 300+ ready-to-send email templates, BayEngage supports your startup goals. Not just that, BayEngage lets you send up to 2500 emails to 250 subscribers every month, while our paid plan starts at as low as $10 per month.

On the flip side, Mailchimp and similar services might offer free emails but block all of the standard features essential for a startup looking to scale.

BayEngage - mailchimp alternative For Small Business

Mailchimp Alternatives For Small Business

BayEngage is hands-down the one we recommend for small business owners, especially if you’re not tech-savvy and have never tried any email marketing software. It covers rich features like eCommerce pop-ups, email automation, email segmentation, and more that it is critical for a fast-growing business.

However, Mailchimp is not so generous to get you up and running. There's a learning curve with Mailchimp as the UI and UX are a bit complex and intimidating. It is not precisely a beginner-level email marketing tool.

BayEngage - mailchimp alternative For Entrepreneurs

Mailchimp Alternatives For Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs who are looking to promote their market presence need to use email marketing software. BayEngage comes with a minimalistic interface that offers entrepreneurs a unique user experience. The platform is user-friendly and has plenty of integrations with Ecommerce platforms and other essential tools for entrepreneurs looking to grow.

On the other hand, Mailchimp’s interface and features are pretty complex for new-age entrepreneurs. And, the Shopify integration is no longer available, which is a huge setback for Ecommerce entrepreneurs.

BayEngage - mailchimp alternative For Nonprofits

Mailchimp Alternatives For Nonprofits

Non-profits usually look for software that fulfills their needs rather than looking for the popular email marketing tool in general. BayEngage is the email marketing software that provides tremendous advantages for non-profits, with its affordable prices, user-friendly features, customizable free templates, and automation flows.

Mailchimp’s pricing structure, lack of advanced features, and complex navigation have made it a no-brainer for nonprofits to look out for Mailchimp alternatives.

BayEngage - Mailchimp Alternatives For WordPress

Mailchimp Alternatives For WordPress

Bloggers look for cheaper email marketing software that helps in growing engagement. Inside BayEngage, you can build your subscriber base with attractive sign-up forms and create highly personalized newsletters with a drag and drop editor or choose from 250+ prebuilt responsive email templates.

However, Mailchimp is too expensive as it’s not made for everyone. This is perhaps one of many reasons why people are looking for Newsletter MailChimp alternatives, not to mention the steep learning curve.

BayEngage - mailchimp alternative For Marketers

Mailchimp Alternatives For Marketers

Marketers look for a well-balanced blend of email marketing software to captivate their audience. BayEngage offers all of the necessary email attributes for marketers–A/B testing, send-time optimization, automated campaigns, and a higher deliverability rate than Mailchimp.

Although MailChimp is a market leader, it isn't perfect. The system may not always provide the capability that a B2B marketer needs and the cost of accessing the additional features in the pro version is ridiculously expensive.

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