Stop Shopping Cart Abandonment Using Behavioral Popup

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How To Stop Cart Abandonment Using Behavioral Pop

Cart abandonment is one of eCommerce store’s biggest revenue killers. Behavioral pop up is the best mechanism that stop shopping cart abandonment through timely intervention. To stop shopping cart abandonment:

Design A Cart Abandonment Pop Up

In the TargetBay dashboard, navigate to messages > template

Then, click on Create New Template

Use our easy to build drag and drop pop-up builder to design a card abandonment popup.

Design A Cart Abandonment Pop Up

Choose a template name and click on Save. This is the pop up that will be displayed to stop customers from leaving behind products in their cart.

Pro Tip: It’s necessary that the pop up gets shopper’s attention and is paired with some discount that pushes them to make the transaction.

Setting Cart Abandonment Trigger

To set the shopping cart abandonment trigger, in the TargetBay dashboard, navigate to Messages > Workflow

Then, click on Create Message Workflow

Setting Cart Abandonment Trigger

Enter Workflow Name: Cart Abandonment

Select Users: All Uers


Select Your Template: Choose the template we earlier created in the drop down box – Stop Cart Abandonment

Show Thank You Message: No


Event: Total Item In Cart

Operator: Great Than

Value: 0

Under When To Show

Under When To Show

Intent Targeting: Enable leave intent targeting. No need to check the other two option.

Page URL: Set to all pages

Time Of Day: This option is not mandatory

Popup Session: Once in a session


Priority: High

Select Date Range: Select for however long you need to run the campaign.

This particular setting will trigger a pop up every time a customer tries to leave with products in their cart, thereby reducing shopping cart abandonment.

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