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Site Review Widget

Learn how you can design your own site review widget button that is displayed throughout your website and the site review widget which helps collect and showcase your reviews.

Design Your Own Site Review Widget Button

The button opens out a window to host site and product reviews. You can design the button to suit your website theme and design effortlessly

On the TargetBay dashboard left menu, navigate to Settings > Review Settings. Choose Site Widget on top to design your site review widget button and widget window

In review setting, Review Button lets you design the button that is displayed on all pages of your eCommerce website.

Button title: Lets you choose the button name. It can be something like – ‘Give Your Feedback’ or ‘ Reviews’.

Button Color: Choose the color of the button that suits your website theme.

Button Text Color: Lets you choose the text color.

Design Your Own Site Review Widget

Once you click on the Review button, it opens a window where you can find the list of reviews as well as the option to write a new review.

To design the review window, use the following setting:

  • Widget size is set at 500px by default
  • Widget color can be set to a shade that matched your website color theme
  • Choose Review Star Color to showcase your site reviews
  • Display Position will let you position the review widget
  • Widget Font lets you choose a font that suits your Commerce website font
  • You have a toggle button to set the background transparent

Each review can be shared in social accounts to help get you maximum mileage for all user generated content.

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