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How To Setup A Targeted Review Request Email?

You can setup Targeted review request email:

  1. Log into TargetBay’s dashboard by entering the right credentials.

  2. Now click ‘Reviews & QA’ on the left-side menu. Select ‘Tools’.

    Setup A Targeted Review Request

  3. Click ‘Targeted Review Emails’.

    Targeted Review Emails

  4. By default, a template will be displayed.

    Review Request Email

  5. On the left, there are three tabs, General, Personalized and Custom. Click ‘Personalized’, drag and drop the review style into the template.

    Targeted Review

  6. After finalizing the template, click on the ‘+’ symbol on top right corner.

    Finalizing The Template

  7. Customize From Name, From email, Reply to and Subject

    Customize Details

  8. Under ‘Bulk purchase settings’, there are three parameters as mentioned below:

    • ‘Maximum number of emails’ are the total number of emails to be sent for a bulk purchase.

    • ‘Mail interval’ defines the time interval between emails.

    • Product reviewed has two options, ‘least reviewed product’ and ‘most expensive product’. It is recommended to choose ‘least reviewed product’.

    Least Reviewed Product

  9. ‘Email settings’ allow you to send review request emails to past customers. Set ‘From date’ and ‘To date’ as per your preference. It will be a ‘one-time’ email request, sent to all customers who purchased within the specified time frame.

    Email Settings

  10. Once you have completed all the settings, click ‘Save’ and choose ‘Enable’ ON.

    Setup A Targeted Review Request Email

  11. To encourage customers to provide reviews, use ‘Review coupons’ here.

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