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How To Setup Product Review Widget?

Product reviews are essential to generate user centric content and keyword pertaining to the particular eCommerce product.

You can setup Product Review Widget:

  1. Log into Targetbay using your credentials.

  2. On the left side menu, click ‘Settings’ and then, ‘Reviews’.

    Setup Product Review Widget

  3. There are three sections in Review Widget Settings. Choose ‘Product Review Widget’.

    Review Widget Settings

  4. Under Product Review Widget, change parameters of Header, Button and Appearance, such as text color, font and background color. Choose as per your website theme.

    Product Review Widget

  5. Select Theme for Bulk reviews. If you want photo reviews first, enable the option.

    Theme For Bulk Reviews

  6. If required, enable ‘Auto Publish: On’ settings. You can auto publish particular reviews by filtering them based on rating scale. Use filters for spam words and reviews containing more than one link.

    Auto Publish

  7. Finally, scroll down and click ‘Save Changes’.

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